Monday, September 8, 2014

Six months

THE BITCH IS BACK..well, kind of.
It's been over six months since I've written on my blog. I guess you could say I have been busy. Okay, you can say I 've been busy and I have no intention on slowing down...which is why I say, I'm kind of back. I really miss writing and documenting all of the fun things we do.
But tbh, this shit is time consuming.
But I'm writing today because Bella has strep and we're stuck at home.
She's watching some UK show on Netflix and drinking tea while I',
 updating my life to complete strangers.
Six months is quite a bit of time to play catch up. But I'll do my best.
Devon and I broke up. I'm still crushed just typing it.
 But don't fret.
We still talk every single day. We even hang out.
We went to dinner just the two of us and the waitress asked if it was our first date
 because of how we were acting toward each other. ha 
We both know we'll get back together sometime but right now separation is best.
 For both of us.
 We're taking this time to grow individually. Being with someone from age 16-22 kind of makes it difficult to figure out who you are. Who you're supposed to be. Throw in a child and you've got a recipe for "Who the eff am I?"
I knew I was a mother and girlfriend. But I also knew I was more.
I just couldn't figure it out. I also knew I wanted more.
 Not just materialistically but personally.
And now here I am.
I even bought a car! I start school this week. Bella is in PRE-K and loving it.
And Dev is working his tush off. We're all doing really well.
Minus the whole Strep thing.

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