Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twas the day after Christmas

Oh, we had a white Christmas

I can't believe that Christmas is over! Time flies when you're having fun, or when you have to be at four different places in 24 hours. 

It's safe to say Bella looked presh in her outfit
 I helped make penguin appetizers. They're super adorable and super annoying to make! Thank God, there were only eight people coming and only six of them liked what was in them. Therefore, we didn't have to make that many. Cindy put in work because we also had Fillet Mignon, the beloved bacon wrapped green beans, calamari salad, mashed potatoes, stuffed clams and so much more! I think working out today is a must.

March of the Penguins
Santa was gooood to Bella... And I'm not referring to myself and Devon. Honestly. We didn't have to buy her anything. She got way more than she needed, wanted or could even wish for. Poor thing just wanted to play with every toy she opened. I felt awful telling her she needed to open the rest of her presents. If it were just Devon, Bella and me, I would have just let her play.  

She got everything from a Dora butterfly chair to puzzles and a MobiGo. But at the end of opening presents, she just wanted to color in her dollar store coloring book. Love that girl.

P.S I GOT MY SEWING MACHINE! I've already started pinning things that I want to sew. Oh my gosh. I am so so happy! Get ready for posts about my fails and successes. I CANNOT WAIT.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bella's Christmas outfit

Sooo since I haven't been working and I literally have no friends here, I have been submerging myself in crafts. Some good, some weird, and some nonsense.

I've made banners, clothes, headbands, painted and drew. But the one that I love the most is BELLA'S CHRISTMAS OUTFIT! It's probably because I worked so hard on it. I drew it out, cut the felt and sewed it by hand.

(HINT TO MY FAMILY: A sewing machine is on my wish list)

 I might be somewhat biased but I think it's totally adorable. It's festive, age appropriate and best of all, it was inexpensive. Okay, now, this was my first tutu and tee which meant lots of trial and error learning. Either way, she's still wearing it and I WILL be making more for future holidays.

Omg, I seriously can't wait to take pictures of her in this.


I can't believe he is TWELVE YEARS OLD! I still remember when he would only wear a diaper and Blue's Clues sandals and say "pantycakes" instead of pancakes. My brother is silly, wild and sweet. He is an awesome uncle to Bella and a great brother to me, Jasmine and Aiya. I wish I could celebrate with him but I know his day will still be special. Have fun on your tour at the Falcons stadium!

You're my favorite little brother and I love and miss you so much!

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Bella Wella

  Isabella is easily the silliest girl I know.
I know the fact that she is two is a major factor but I DON'T CARE.

She's still the sweetest, cutest and best friend I've ever had.

 The little diva didn't want her picture taken but she looked so cute I had to try.
 Plus, I'm mom so I win.
 She found a new hiding spot

 This day she refused to come inside.
She just wanted to stand on a stool and look through the window from outside.
 It's the little things.
Lately, she's been discovering her independence, from brushing her own teeth to dressing herself.
Not necessarily PICK her own clothes, although that does happen.
She's been wanting to put ON her own clothes.

It's both cute and frustrating but like my mom said, "Pick your battles."

I promise that quote goes through my head all day, every day
She's also been into coins.
And don't try to give her a penny, she'll politely ask you for a nickel.
Already asking us for more money than we give her.
I sense a future problem.

And like most children her age, she loooooves to draw/color/paint.
But she takes it to another level.
She will literally sit and paint for hours.
But I'll take a small, creative mess over her lazily watching television any day.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Experiencing an Actual Winter

I've spent my last seven winters in Georgia, so you can understand my reaction when I began to experience my first New York winter. I get teased because, "My blood isn't thick enough." I'M SORRY BUT I'M NOT USED TO THIS TORTURE YOU CALL WEATHER. 

Apparently, we have "Winter Clothes" and "Summer Clothes" where you only have that one season's clothes in your closet and the opposite season's in the attic. In Georgia, it could be 70 degrees one day and 54 degrees the next, so I had to have all of my clothes at convenience. Ugh, this is all so new! 

I made list a few of my favorites that seem to help me enjoy this winter a little bit more. 

Micro fleece Pajamas: Two piece pajamas to be exact. This one is kind of for me. I know everyone loooves footie pajamas in the winter but let's be honest, I have a TWO YEAR OLD. She is learning to hold her bladder and wake up to go potty in the middle of the night. The last thing I want to do is add another inconvenience in the middle of the night. PLOT TWIST: they still keep her warm at night.
Boots: Obviously, we can't go through a winter without wearing boots. I love the ones with fur inside because I know her little feet are warm... and they're super adorbs. With her other boots, I love having her wear long socks that peak over the boots.
Hat: Luckily, Bella is a "hair accessories" baby. She looks beyond cute in hats, bows, and headbands. I adore this festive monkey hat. It's warm, cute and affordable.

Glittery Nail Polish: Let me start by saying something. I love nail polish. After working at a restaurant that wouldn't let me paint my nails, I truly appreciate this small luxury. "Appreciate" meaning I haven't had my nails bare since February. Literally. I have had nail polish on them everyday since then. I wish I could be sorry but I'm not. The holidays are no exception. Sparkly nails are so festive for the holidays and this one from the Kardashian Kollection is perfection.
Candle: If you don't know me, I am a candle person as well. I love having them lit throughout the house. I don't know what it is but there is something about them that is relaxing. I love this scent from Bath and Body Works. They always have incredible scents, like who thinks of all of them? Whoever you are you deserve a cookie. A big cookie. 
Lip Balm: It's not enough that my body gets dry in the cold, my lips get dry as well. I don't mean crispy dry, I mean tight dry. It's annoying and even more unattractive than my body being dry. I love EOS lip balm. It's moisturizes so well and I love the unique egg shape container!
Fluffy Scarf: I love love love scarves. Summer scarves, light scarves, long scarves, infinity scarves but most of all, I love big, fluffy scarves. They keep me warm and they look so good over my coats.

Ugh, Winter really has meaning now. I don't think my mind or body is ready for this. I feel like I might cry. Don't worry. I'll just use my mittens to wipe away my tears before they become salty ice cubes.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

No More Bed Monsters

If you have read my previous posts,
you would know that when we first moved to New York,
Bella would become possessed right before bed.

She would throw the biggest fits that could scare a demon.

But don't worry,

Bella doesn't take afternoon naps anymore,
not unless she is dead tired and she just passes out,
which doesn't happen often.

I was trying to have her take naps until she was
at least three but once we stopped giving her naps,
she started going to bed with ease.

So peaceful, so angelic.

And me? So happy.

Now, she falls asleep between 8:00 and 8:15!

Can we sing praises? Yes. Do a joyful dance? Yes.

Hug each other? Yes.

Sleep in peace? Eh, not just yet.
She wakes me up to take her to the potty.
But that is one problem I am happy to have.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bella's Christmas List

Bella has been a really good girl this year. Of course she has had a few "terrible two" tantrums but overall, she has been amazing. She became potty trained, learned to recognize her letters, willingly gave hugs and kisses, ate her fruit AND VEGGIES and is very well behaved. Seriously, we hear it all the time. And while we were grateful for all of that at Thanksgiving, it is time to show Bella some appreciation at Christmas.

Yes, she is eating her salad instead of her fries. And yes, she ate majority of my Veggie Delite Subway sandwich. Seriously love this girl.

Since I probably won't be buying Bella anything this year because all of her grandparents have beat me to it, I made an ideal Christmas list for Bella.

Slippers: We have hardwood floors and they ruin her socks in the winter which make these an alternative. BONUS: they look so cute on her!

Play Masks: Aside from the princess and fairy looks, I thought a colorful owl would be a creative option.

Books: She loves having me read to her and sometimes she even likes "reading" to me! A bookworm in training, I LOVE IT!

Baby Doll Accessories: Bella is into anything baby dolls. I mean bottles, carriages, cribs, etc. This is a good toy for her to use her imagination and teach her how to nurture and be kind.

Minnie Mouse Matching Game: While puzzles are a great learning tool, I actually think she's getting bored with them. I figured a memory game would be a good change for her.

Ladybug Backpack: She has been going to her cousin's house a lot and I used to use her diaper bag but since she's getting older, she doesn't need to pack as much anymore. I found this small backpack to work perfectly.

Toy piano: Ever since she started playing the piano at my aunt's house, she can't get enough. This is a good toy to help her recognize sounds and learn how to make music.

Toys: It wouldn't be Christmas without toys so I found this elephant ball toy at ToysRUS. It's adorable and so much fun!

Monday, December 10, 2012


I saw something similar to this on Pinterest, go figure, but my version is free! I hate when people say "It's free!" But I don't have the Chalkboard spray paint or random candle holders around my house so TO ME IT AIN'T FREE. But I'm positive you all have these items around your house. So this version really is completely free!

What you need:
What you need:

What to do:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Delia's mini haul

It's no secret I love a good deal.
So when I saw Delia's was still having a summer sale, I couldn't resist.
I know what you're thinking, "Summer? Isn't it freezing in New York?"
Yes, it is literally freezing and yes, I am buying swimwear.

When I shop, I buy in opposite seasons.
I was once on summer vacay in Hawaii when I bought a $90 winter jacket for $30!  


It never fails, I want a new swimsuit every summer.
So instead of paying $20-30 for each piece, I waited and I got them for $5.99!
Oh, and I got pieces that would match the ones I already have!
Okay so now, you applause and I bow.

P.S. I also got some shoes for $10 that were normally $30.
And since I had a coupon code SHIPPING WAS FREE.
Gosh, how I love a good bargain.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Deck the Halls

Today we finally got a kick in the tush and started Christmas decorating! It's mostly Cindy and Jose's stuff. They have boxes and tubs and bags of Christmas decor! And here I thought I loved Christmas decorating. I think I am just going to decorate our downstairs area with some of our Christmas decor from last year. Anyway here are some pictures from today.

Isabella, the drummer girl

Devon, the Grinch
I made my first Christmas bow!

I told you they had a ton of Christmas decor