Monday, October 28, 2013

Half-Crazies and Bookworms

This weekend we pretty much lived at my parents' house. There was a lot going on errand-wise and it was easier for me stay there.

The main reason we were there was to support
 my mom at her first half marathon!

I still can’t believe she did it.
What's crazier is that she ran the whole 13.1 miles!
Go Mom!


Naturally, Bella had a dance break.

Afterwards, we went to IHOP.
I mean, where would you go after running thirteen miles?
I got to drive my parents' new whip for fun to let my mom rest.

Then we stopped by one of Bella’s fave stores, Barnes and Noble, while we waited for Devon.

 I just love this little bookworm.

P.s Halloween is this week and I might pee my pants from excitement.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Festive Friday Five

Is it just me or is Halloween creeping?
I am finishing up our costumes and
could not be happier!

I just love Halloween! 
So in honor of Allhallows Eve next week, 
here are a few festive favorites.

Favorite flashback:
This movie scared the shit out of me.

Favorite Group Costume:
I LOVE the Wizard of Oz and if I had another child ,
we would sooo be doing something like this.

Favorite Holiday Drink:
These look so delicious and creepy and like I might die after. 
I like.

Favorite Halloween show:
Duh, American Horror Story. 
Sure, it’s lacking the horror but it is making up with cringe-worthy moments.

Favorite Laugh:
Wait, what?

Hope you all have a fun weekend! 
My mom is running her first HALF MARATHON tomorrow 
and we're so excited for her!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ya girl is (guilt) trippin

When you think about teen/young moms, you always think about how their life changes.

But did you ever think of the people around her whose life has also changed?

I didn't. Until recently.

My parents.
I know this isn't what they had in mind for me.
 I didn't just take time away from me, I took it from them. 
I doubt they wanted to see me waddle across the graduation stage.

 (Although I did so with honors and perfect attendance.) 
I know they wanted to take me to college and help set up my dorm. 
I know they wanted me to come home on weekends.
 I also think about holidays and how they will always be spent with me and my family.
 I don't think they mind but I miss spending Christmas and Easter as a child and I'm
sure they miss having me as a child.
I know that I grew up way too fast, not just for me, 
but for my mom and dad, too.

My siblings. 
 I wish I still lived at home with them.
 I love them so much and wish I had the luxury of seeing them whenever. 
Doing whatever with them. Just being a fun big sister.
When I left, they were still little and annoying.Now that they're older, they're like my friends.
 I wish I could have had alone time with them at this age. 
Just get to know them. Travel with them. Spend holidays with them.
Just them.

 My friends. 
lol pet the manatee
I had my baby shower two weeks after graduation. We were only eighteen!
My friends planned a baby shower instead of a grad party! They bought diapers, bottles, baby toys
when they should have been buying normal grad gifts. I had amazing friends who didn't make
 me feel ashamed of my situation but I still feel for them.
Anytime we want to do something or go somewhere, I bring Bella (or consider it),
which for a while meant car seat, stroller, diaper bag and a lot of patience.
I breastfed, so that was always fun. 
I would dip out of dinners for 30 minutes.
There were times when Bella threw a fit because it was passed her nap time
and we had to leave our shopping trip early.  It couldn't have been easy for them either.
Sometimes I felt like we didn’t have much in common anymore because I had a child so early.
They were in college, doing crazy shit and I was cleaning it.
I don’t think about this or worry about this often.
But for some reason it was heavy on my chest.

I doubt anyone reads this but if you do and if you're a part of my life
and have been for the past three years, thanks.
You really don't know how much our relationship means to me.
Disclaimer: I know that Devon's life changed too
 but I figured we were all aware.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Holy shit. It happened.

I was told I act just like my mom.

What the actual fuck.

 I was always told that I look like my mom but now I act like her?!?
What makes this whole situation worse is the fact my sources provided examples.
Like multiple examples.

I guess it was bound to happen but this soon? 
I thought this would happen when I was thirty.

Maybe it's because I had a child. That always seems to speed up time.
Damn teen parenthood.

I guess it's not too bad.

My mom is kind of funny.

She always is taken for years younger than her actual age.
(same here but it's less cool for me).

She def doesn't take life seriously...anymore.

She can cook, manage a household, and sneak in training for a half marathon.
(which she's running next weekend. Woop).

So if I were to be told I acted like someone I suppose I don't mind it being my mom. ;)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

Hi, everyone, I made it to Friday!
It's short of a miracle.
 I cannot wait to see our friend's new baby tomorrow.
Oh, and Bella is going to my mom's for a few days.
Anyway, here's what I've been loving this week.

 Favorite cover of the moment:

Pia Mia is the shit.

Favorite flashback laugh: 

Favorite combo:

I have been all over Greek yogurt and blueberries.
Don’t think I’m one of those liars who say they love plain Greek yogurt.
I know it’s a super food and all but damn. It’s nasty.
I just get it because its sugar content is waaay lower than the others.
Compare 4g to 18g!
Plus I can use it for other substitutions like sour cream, mayo and heavy cream
This is what I’ve been having for breakfast…

In a bowl, mix:
1 cup  PLAIN OLD BORING Greek Yogurt
2 tsp  Stevia, sugar or some kind of sweetener
½ tsp vanilla
1 tsp  honey or agave

Then top yogurt mixture with:
½ cup blueberries or fruit of choice

Favorite Fall Accessory:

Wide brim hats. Need I say more?

Favorite Update:

Why did they ever think he was a good fit?

Happy Weekend, bishes!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I can't even

As of this moment, Bella is running around the apartment, nonstop. 


Now, she is bouncing.
Literally bouncing/hopping all over the fucking place. 
Where does she get this energy? 
And why does it linger around for so damn long?
And why can't working adults have energy like this?

The worst part? She's tired. I know it and she knows it. 
Earlier this afternoon, she yawned and said, "I think I'm tired."
 Those words were a saving grace to my sanity. 
But then...she didn't fall asleep. 
Now, I have an overtired, hyper, stubborn 
psycho child I need to keep in check. 

Which is hard. It's sooo hard.

She just won't sit. She just won't stop. 
Games, puzzles, crafts, cards.  
Yes, for like point four seconds.
I try television but just end up feeling guilty. 
So no.

I think she's lonely. 
That was my worst fear of her being an only child.
She needs a friend. 
I need for her to have a friend.
Just one. I don't even care if it's a boy. 
I just need another little person around so that I won't go completely crazy.

I can't afford preschool yet, although she is so smart she'd do amazing there.
And if I can't afford preschool, I sure as hell can't afford a second child.

Ugh, I guess my sanity will have to suffer a little bit longer.
Or of her cousins will move closer.


Someone, anyone with a child come to my house for a play date. 
I have food, toys, educational stuff and whatever else you want.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oh, the thinks I think

I am no stranger to a wandering mind. 
I can't seem to focus on one thing for to long. 
With a wandering mind comes strange, strange thoughts. 
Thoughts I don't mind sharing because I cannot be the only one. 

How do they get all those vitamins into vitamins?

Everything on this page baffles me.

How can I get my child to sleep passed 8:00 am?

Sometimes I wish I was a thug. Like a legit thug. Weapons and shit.

Why does bacon vary so damn much?

It's normal to half ass brush your teeth in the morning, right?

I think stoners run fast food companies and that's where they came up with the "open late" ideas. #munchiefood

Who are the people who design strollers and how did they get there?

There are male and female versions of names:

Why did the lady in apartment A move out so soon? She got here the same time we did...

Why are there no 6's or 9's in the board game Sorry?

But most importantly,
Why do we always crave Chickfila on Sundays?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I don't know about you...

...but I'm feeling twenty two-oooo.

Sorry, I had to. It was too easy.

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday. 

Obvi, I don't feel any different...

To be honest, I still don't believe I've been 21.
Is that good or bad?