Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Five

My mind is always changing so I thought it would be fun to
keep up with the things I like by doing weekly favorites.

Here are a few things I'm loving this week.

Favorite Nail Polish
 I'm about to break girl code here. 
I'm not the biggest fan of Essie. 
(insert gasping sound here)
 I normally adore their colors but hate the formula. 
This one is different. 
The formula is almost sheer but you only need 2-3 coats!
And the color is my favorite summery pink.
I'm so obsessed, I painted my fingers and toes this color.
That never happens.

Favorite Accessory
My hipster glasses. I can’t stop wearing them. 
If you follow me on Insta, you're probably thinking, "Shanice, get a new fave accessory."
But I can't. I just love them.
They just add something to everything I wear.
 I wear them with sweats, I wear them dressed up, I wear them around the house. 
I can’t get enough. 

Favorite Hair Tips
I just found her videos and instantly became obsessed with her hair.

She documented her Journey to Healthy Natural Hair.
She has some really good ideas, hair product recommendations
 and bonus, she’s fun to stare at. 

Favorite Laugh
 Everything on this page.


Favorite Workout

I can’t get enough Karena and Katrina. Honestly.
 Their hair. Their bodies. Their lives. 
(They are partnered with Victoria’s Secret, Oakley and Self…Just to name a few)
But I definitely love their workouts. 
These are my favorites from the week.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eff a Fake Friend

It seems the older we get the less friends we tend to have. 

It's like time is weeding out people and you see who's real and who's not.

See who's still around when shit gets real.
When reality sets in.
Those are the people you want in your life.
Not the ones who show up after you've become successful
or only when things are rainbows and cupcakes.

Linds is my girl
We were so tired of being good friends to people and not getting it in return.
You can call me and need me but I can't call you or need you?
Friendship should not be of convenience.

As young adults this should NOT have to be stated.

If you want to be friends, make an effort to be around.
We have careers, families and shit going on. 
Things are moving and if you're not trying to be apart of it, bye.

It totally sucks to lose people but why would I want you around
 if you don't really want me around?

This is not high school.
We don't see each other everyday in class.
It's time to put in effort.

Honestly, how hard is it to find real friends?

I guess harder than you'd think. 

Luckily, I already found my people.

I just thought I'd share what was on my mind for the moment.
I'm done.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anthropologie Inspired Pillows

Remember when I said I was way too excited about moving back to Georgia?
When I said I was planning décor for the house? 
I wasn’t kidding.

I got accessories for the dining room and living room and
ended up making pillows for the couch…
the couch we don’t have.

But in my defense we have an idea of where
we’ll buy it when we move back so that
counts for something, right?

Maybe not.

Anyways, back to the pillows.

I’ve been looking everywhere for unique yet
charming pillows and no luck. 

Then I fell in love with some at Anthro but Holy Baby Jesus they were expensive.
 Like $98-$168 expensive.
 No and no.

Then something just...clicked.
Sewing machine and Pinterest. Duh. MAKE YOUR OWN.

Both pillows cost me about $30 which is a bargain
compared to the designer robbery I saw earlier.

And they would actually be less if you use
 your own pillows as your forms.

I ended up choosing an envelope pillowcase because
I wanted to be able to remove the cases with ease and wash them. 

Okay aaand the fact I’m new to sewing and zippers intimidate me.
So those weren’t even an option.

I followed this tutorial but tweaked it a little bit.

My measurements should have been:
Front Fabric: 22 x 22
Back Fabric: 22 x 17

But I used these instead:
Front Fabric: 22 x 22
Back Fabric: 22 x 13.5
and I used a 1/4" seam allowance instead of 1/2"
I really should have done the 1/2" because the cases feel loose

These were really simple to make.
But I will admit that ironing was redundant and time consuming
but like Mama always said, “I’ve got more time than money”. 
I would rather spend a few extra minutes than dollars on my pillows.

I can’t stop staring at them and I cannot wait to see how they look in our living room.

 I just can’t wait to be in our living room.

P.S. We move in less than two weeks!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


This picture is completely unrelated to the post but whatev
I am waaaay too excited to be moving back.

Like it's getting embarrassing and I know for a fact Devon is getting annoyed with me.

I am planning meals. How I'm going to decorate, what I need to sew and buy.

Figuring out what I need to repurchase, where to repurchase them and where they will go in my house.

Speaking of house... I think we found a place! It's not guaranteed...yet but it should be ours!

It's so freaking cute. It has a red door, little patio, a fireplace and Bella has her very own bathroom. Can't wait to blog about the house when it's done!

I'm thinking of starting a garden, too. I know.. ambitious. But when I spot an opportunity to save money, a bish gotta do what a bish gotta do.

I can't wait to get back to a normal, functioning life.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

That didn't last long

It's official. 
We're moving back to Georgia.

I am effing ecstatic to be going back minus the whole moving part.
Not sure why I'm complaining because majority of our shit is in storage anyways so we just have to load
 everything into the moving truck.
 Easy Breezy.

My ten day visit in April was such a tease.
The gorgeous weather (and the activities that go with it), being with my family and friends, and devouring DELICIOUS food, (not being around irritating people) just had me wanting more.
I missed everything about home and while I am happy that we're moving back...

 We're in the midst of finding an apartment, a couch, a beauty school and jobs for both of us...
Oh, I didn't mention that this move wasn't really planned? 
Well...this move wasn't really planned.
And guess what. This bish doesn't even care.
Because I'm going home.

 I can't wait to leave this icebox of a state and enjoy life again.
Wow, that really sounded like life is terrible and it's not.
It's just better in the south ;)

Sunday, May 12, 2013


moth·er- [muhth -er]
1. a female parent.
2. a mother-in-law, stepmother, or adoptive mother.
3. a term of address for a female parent or a woman having or regarded as having the status, function, or authority of a female parent.

If any of these terms define you, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Shout out to the women who:

Have woken up throughout the night to feed or care for a child and still manage to function the next day

Have been peed on, shit on [literally], thrown up on

Have used their mouths to remove the germs from a fallen paci

Can hold a sleeping baby and seven bags of groceries up the stairs [Been there. Done that. Many times]

Have had to clean up messes beyond disgusting
(When I was three I showed my mom my poop.
As in grabbing shit from the toilet, holding it in my hand and showing her.
Don’t worry.
Bella went through a phase where she took of her diaper and pooped in her bed.
Like all the time. #KARMA)

Can be sick and still manage to hold it down like nothing is wrong

Clean up messes that don’t belong to them and go on about their business

Know more children’s theme show songs than the ones on Billboard Top 100

Only eats half of their meal because their child, who has their own, still wants their mom’s

Can quickly recover from something their child has said
 “Mommy, look! It’s a little man!”

Has been on the edge of the bed all night because a person half her size takes up majority of the bed

Somehow know what’s wrong with her child and make it better with ease

Have been embarrassed by their toddlers…and later get revenge by embarrassing them as teenagers

Have had to circle around because your talkative child missed their name waited in the carpool line everyday

Have worked all day, make dinner, get children ready for bed and still manage to make holiday cupcakes for class the next day

Have studied with their child all night, receive the test score and celebrate as though she took the test

Have been treated like taxis [minus the getting paid for every mile part]
“…Soooo you can’t you pick up Susie, take us to the mall, go for ice cream and movies and take her home?  Ugh.”

Have taken her hours in the day and used them toward her child’s

Have said, “You can hate me all you want but it’s for your own good.”

Have attended endless games, meets, recitals, ceremonies and plays

Pick up their children from shady house parties without a question

Have stayed up all night waiting and worrying about the whereabouts of your child 

Dealt with undeserving rude actions/words that teenagers execute perfectly
Have unconditionally loved their child, through the eye rolling, teeth sucking, door slamming, back talking and fit throwing

Have done all of the above and do it without expecting anything in return

So to all you mothers and mother figures, in the words of Mr. 2Pac:
Don't cha know we love ya? Sweet lady
Dear mama
Place no one above ya, sweet lady
You are appreciated
Don't cha know we love ya?
Because if we don’t always show it, we do love and appreciate you.

Love you Mom and Mama D.
You da best. ;)

Friday, May 3, 2013

DIY rings

So these babies happened yesterday.

Barb Wire
I saw this video and thought, "I can do that!"

So I did.

They're inexpensive and easy to make.
Understated but somehow make a statement.
And way adorable.

What You Need:

 Pen or Nail Polish bottle

What to do:

1. Measure and cut the wire.

2. Wrap wire around bottle.

3. Shape your ring into whatever you want!

Done and done.
These rings are way too cute to be this easy.

Oh...and I couldn't help my self but I made this, too.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mid Year Resolution

Is that allowed? 

Because I have this new idea to enjoy life.
Like, reeeally enjoy life.
I want to go out and experience things. 
Not just me but Bella and Devon, too.

Starting off,

We need to get out there.

For our birthdays, mother’s day and father’s day, instead of buying gifts I say we go places and do things together. We always talk about how we want to do this and go here but we can never find the time.
If we are forced to get creative because we can’t buy gifts, we can do all the things we’ve wanted to do!

Last year for Bella’s birthday, we celebrated at the Georgia Aquarium.
We had so much fun.
No party planning, no wild children…that needed my supervision anyway, no need to buy party supplies.
Just a relaxing, fun day with the birthday girl.
Before you go all #holidaynazi on me, Bella will have a party here and there (like this year) but for the most part this family is going places and doing shit.

I want to go wine tasting, go to festivals, sky diving, go camping, make my own shoes…
 I don’t know.

I just want to have fun with my life.

Since Mother’s day is the next holiday…I need to come up with a plan.
Hmmmm. What to do?


I want to celebrate every holiday.
Not necessarily always host a party but at least celebrate with a meal.
[like St. Patty's breakfast=green pancakes..or a bowl of Lucky Charms]
We always say that we've wanted to, so now I'm going to try to
earn my "Hostess with the Mostess" title.  
I want Bella to remember her childhood with fun and silly memories.
Heck, I want to look back and have those memories.
And we need to get back to the basics.

I want to start making MORE food from scratch and maybe
even create homemade detergents and cleaners. I think I'll appreciate things more.
I’ve been incredibly surprised at how much food I can make from scratch
but have been buying out of pure convenience.
Ahem, taco seasoning.
How stupid. I can make this shit at home.
 For waaaaay cheap!
Not to mention ditch the horrible ingredients are in most of our food.
So I will be that mom.
I will be the one who makes everything just so I know what my family and I are consuming.
Think about it.
When you ask your friend for a recipe, she doesn’t say, “...salt, a clove of garlic, oh, and olestra.”
So why do our foods in the store contain absurd ingredients?
If you can’t create a product without sicko ingredients, then why create them at all?

BLAHBLAHBLAH I know food is fuel but can't it be tasty, too?
I want to both feel good about what I eat and enjoy it.

I’m on a mission.