Friday, February 7, 2014

Festive Friday Five

Valentine's day is next week and whether you're pro-vday or against, I've got a few fun favorites for everyone.

Favorite Hair

Not sure if I have the balls to do this but it's totally cute for a little one.   
Favorite Valentine's Cards 
JulieAnnArt is always the first (for me, the only) option for holiday cards.

Favorite Anti-Valentine Quote

Because, duh.
 Favorite Make Up Combo
These shades are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Favorite Desserts

Whether you're baking for yourself or others, it's always nice to have dessert options. 
It's Valentine's Day and we deserve our chocolate in as many shapes and forms as possible.
Hope you have a great weekend! We've got a busy one ahead.
My man's birthday is tomorrow so we're prepping for that and Bella is going to her first pajama party tonight! It's at my mom's church but she has friends there and she's so excited. I'm so happy for her.

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