Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apple Picking 101


I've never been apple picking...
or any kind of picking for that matter.

But we went over the weekend
because Bella is the perfect age to enjoy it.
Old enough to know what's going on and
young enough to actually enjoy it and not bitch the whole time.

We went to Hillcrest Orchards in Ellijay, Ga. 
It's about an hour and a half away and in the middle of nowhere. 
Literally. Look it up.

I was mad at Devon so I made him stay home.
Joke, he effed up his ankle and can't walk.
So that's why he isn't in any pictures.

However, we brought him cider and fresh picked apples.
It was a nice farm because there wasn't just apple picking. 
They had mini golf, golf carts, petting farm and more!
Like milking cows. 
Which Bella was dying to do once she saw she could.


I have to admit the trip was worth it for the apple fritter alone. 
Holy sugar, cinnamon and apples. 
Delish on another level.
I still can't believe we missed the pig race. Ugh.
There's always next year.

Oh, and Happy National Coffee Day ;)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Babble: Emmy's and OITNB

I don't even want to talk about how big of a disappointment 
the Emmy's were this year. 
The only positives were that I recorded it so I could fast forward 
at any given time and the choreography dance number. 
The fashion wasn't even on it this year. 
How does a 41 year look like this?

Share your secrets, oh great one.

On to something semi relevant.
 My parents are letting me use their Netflix (thanks, Mom and Dad) 
and I found a new show. Well, new to me anyway. And it's really good.

Orange is the New Black.

I finished the season in two days.
I had heard a lot about it but was skeptical.

Yes, the premise of the show was interesting...
 a rich white lady in prison. Obvi she would have a hard time
but would there be more to the show?

Turns out, it offers much more.

The show focuses on many, not just an individual.
There are an array of characters, 
old, young, American, foreign...transgender.

It's also kind of funny. Wait, it is funny. And serious.
At the same time.
There are moments that you sincerely loath these criminals women and 
then suddenly you feel for them and want to hold them.
But only for a few seconds because those bitches are horny.

They also talk about real shit. 
What relationships are like in and out of prison.
What it's like once you get out.

Drug abuse. Sexual abuse. Abuse of authority.
How segregation is still present.
How terrifying it is to be in solitary confinement. 

Then there's the fact that they rep girl power so hard.
Most of the women are strong and actually powerful.
 They say what they think, do what they want and don't apologize for it.
Although, sometimes they really should.
I couldn't stop watching it. 
In fact, last night I didn't stop watching it...until 3 a.m. 
When I finished the season. Woops.

I can't wait for season two.
 Please say there will be a season two.
If so, I will be binge watching once it's released.

And speaking of shows this family is obsessed with...
My three year old is obsessed with Family Guy.
Why? She doesn't even get the jokes.
Or does she?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five: Emmy Edition

The Emmy’s are this Sunday and girl, I cannot wait. 
I love a good awards show and with NPH hosting, it’s a given.
Here are my top five favorite shows that are nominated.

 My Thursday nights have never been more confused, heartbroken and turned on.
 This show is the shit. 
I love the characters.  Olivia, Huck, Millie and dare I say… the cheating Prez? 
This show has everything, drama, suspense, and romance...if you want to call it that.
 I can’t wait for it to come back October 3. Happy late birthday to me.

 House of Cards. 
Oh. My. Bad guy gone badder. 
Love this show soooo much. It’s intense and different than anything I’ve seen. 
So much betrayals and secrets. And that’s just the government aspect.  
 If you haven’t watched it on Netflix you should.
 But be warned that you will want to finish the series ASAP 
because it’s that good.

 Bubble Guppies.
 You may already know we love Bubble Guppies. 
This is one of the only children’s shows I don’t mind watching with Bella. 
Their music is always on point, their puns are funny and 
I just want Bella to have a teacher like Mr. Grouper. 
Is that too much to ask?

  Modern Family.
This show is so hilarious. The characters are loveable and relatable. 
I love that they are completely different than any other family on television
 yet face the same issues. 
Their banter, silliness and love for each other reminds me
 that not all families are totally messed up.

 Giada at Home.
 Okay, basically, all of the Culinary shows.
 I love me a good cooking show. Especially Giada. 
That little Italian can make anything her big chest desires. 
And it never fails, she can’t resist licking a chocolate covered spoon. 
I admire that.

Who are you rooting for this weekend? 
Are you even watching it? 
Is anything else even on that night?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not to be random...

....But let's be random.

Is there a thing as "acting black" and "acting white"? I guess there is because I get it waaaay too fucking much. The other day I mentioned to a friend that I exercised when I was pregnant to which I got the response, "You did that white shit?"...What white shit? Being healthy?

I don't really get offended anymore because I'm not being white, black, Asian, smart or dumb.
I'm just being... Shanice.

I attended a private elementary school where I was the only "colored girl" in my class.
Scratch that.
Pretty much the whole elementary.
Okay, there were only 75 kids but it's still relevant.

See how large I was compared to the other kids? Then I stopped growing.

I had the best teachers and friends because never once did I feel like I didn't belong. Never once did they refer to me as "the black girl"...although Sean Burkett did ask why my knees were white. I was eight and still learning why lotion was important.

Growing up, I listened to every genre of music. Britney, Sisco, Boys2Men, Christina, Good Charlotte...
I watched the movies I was allowed to watch. Which didn't include Friday, Menace to Society, etc.
I spoke the way I was taught. Like, what do you want me to say?
I dressed in whatever clothes I liked. I thought Limited Too was the shit.

As I got older, I went to public schools, where my speech, style and mannerisms were pointed out and clearly unexpected.

I would always hear, "Why do you talk so white?" I was starting to question myself. Am I not supposed to speak the way I do? My parents sound like me. My parents dress like I do. Were we doing something wrong?

I NEVER discussed my confusion with anyone. I just figured things out on my own. I went through every phase trying to figure out who I was supposed to be. What I was expected to wear. How I was expected to act.

That shit got tiring. I was all over the place. I wasn't being true to myself. I hated it. So I gave up trying to please everyone else and just started

Once that happened, I felt so much better. I made friends in all races, who acted and spoke all kinds of ways. And I loved it. I love having diverse friends and family.

 I guess what I want to say is keep your labels to yourself, 
be friends with whomever, and dress however.

 And if you're ever in this situation,
Refer to this page because you aren't alone.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Five: Fall Beauty Edition

Fall make up is my favorite make up. 
Warm and cozy colors. Dark nails and lips.
I will wear a dark lip as long as it is socially acceptable.
Not even kidding.

Here are a few my Fall must haves.
 It is this incredible forest green color.
 It has hints of gold shimmer and 
is really pigmented so application is easy.
I found this Revlon lip stain
The color is a stunning berry color that is 
Predictable but is a fall necessity.
It is in pencil form for precise application.
The formula is moisturizing which is always good.
                                            I chose a Peachy Bouncy Blush from Maybelline.
 It is this beautiful peachy color that is unexpected but perfect for fall. 
Pair this with browns and golds.
For body, I chose this body lotion from Bath and Body Works.
 Smells yummy and is a perfect scent for fall.

And I can't forget about nails.
Everyone goes for Essie Bahama Mama and Smokin' Hot 
but let's step away from the basic bitch colors, 
shall we? 

 This week I chose Plum's the Word, an incredible transition color. 
It is a cross between gray and purple.
Plus, the brush is huge for a full and even application.

Sometimes it's so hard to being a girl. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Starting a business is no joke. 

Especially when you have no idea what you're doing.
I can't sleep because I am constantly thinking of ideas.
I'm ignoring everyone in order to focus.
 I don't even know what I'm focusing on!

I'm not working right now so I feel pressure to do something help
to bring in some kind of income. 
Not from Dev, just me being a first born. 

Then there's my sister. 
She's in some deeeep shit. Legal deep shit. 
That's the million dollar question.

On top of that, I start my period soon. 
TMI? Fuck it. 
 I'm bloated, mean and ugly.

But then there's this as a little reminder that it's all good.

Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Stores Like Forever21...but better

The following are indications of a basic bitch.

Instagramming food.
Dressing up as a cat for Halloween.
Mostly shopping at Forever21.

While I'd like to address all, I can't today and will focus on the last.

Step away from the insanely bright room filled with 
poorly made clothing, cheap jewelry and sloppy presentation. 

I could bitch about that store all day. 
But I won't.

Just know that you deserve better. 
I will show you. 

Here are a few stores you might be overlooking.

H & M
Beyond obsessed with this place. 
Fashion forward and inexpensive clothes for the whole fam. 
Their clothes are a mix of trendy and classic. 
Plus, they just opened a home section so your house will be dope, too! 
Everything they have is to die.
 Aaaand they just launched online shopping. 
 *wallet hides*

One of the few things I miss about New York is this store. 
I had never heard of Cotton On until we moved and ended up falling in love. 
Once you check them out, you'll see why I'm devastated 
that the closet store is 300 miles away.
*insert crying emoji*
 Their original prices aren't high but their sales are insane. 
And on good items! Major plus.

Charming Charlie
This store can be pricier but they usually have really good sales. 
Like BOGO off low clearance prices. I once got a $30 dress for $5!
 And I love love love their jewelry and purses. 
The jewelry doesn't discolor and the purses are pretty sturdy. 
They also sell cute shoes. 
Their wedges and sandals are a must for summer.

Urban Outfitters
I never pay full price for clothes, shoes or accessories in this store. 
Most of it ends up going on sale. So be patient! 
Their sales are usually 50-70% off original prices. 
I bought a $35 shirt for $5 in NYC.
They have quality clothes that are clever, funny and original.

Love Culture
Their clothes aren't many steps above F21 but I'll take it. 
They have a ton of different styles that will match anyone's personal style. 
Okay, not everyone but you get what I mean.
Disclaimer: this store can be extremely trendy. 
You've been warned.
Hope this expands your shopping horizons!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Marietta Square's Art in the Park

This weekend was Art in the Park in Marietta Square.
 It was a three day event with tons of vendors, crafts and more. 
We went two days because we arrived just before they closed the first day
 and the second day we left right before it poured.
 It was fun and pretty neat seeing what everyone had to offer.