Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aiya's 16th Birthday Weekend

Wait, it's Tuesday? I feel like this weekend went by way too fast! I feel like I was just hustlin' around the house to get ready for them! I wish they could have stayed longer. I miss them so much already.

Here's the breakdown:

FRIDAY: We went to the movies and saw Mama. It wasn't amazing but it was way better than I expected. And of course since we went on a Friday, there were tons of middle/high school kids there thinking they were cool and talking throughout the whole movie. If we could have gone another day, I would have. Oh..and I gave my mom a bomb ass haircut. She looks F-A-B.

SATURDAY: Took the train and got into the city around 10:00 am.

We had a good start but we figured we should stop for coffee.
So we did.

P.S. NYC has way too many cafes and coffee shops for tourists to choose.

We walked everywhere. Literally. We went from Grand Central to Soho to Little Italy to Chinatown to Madison Square Garden to Times Square. Holy shit. Saying it out loud makes us seem crazy but paying for cabs seems crazier.  

 Story Time:
We went to Little Italy and my overwhelmed little sister couldn't make up her mind as to where she wanted to eat. Place #1 the man talked to us for ten minutes about his grandmother, the fact there was an Italian chef in the kitchen and why we should eat there. We walk in just to turn around and leave. Then we heard him say, "UCK. YEW WASTED MY TIME!" woops. Place #2 We actually SAT DOWN. Like I took my coat off. And Aiya looked at the menu and goes, "They don't have shrimp pasta like the other place." So we ran out before someone else yelled at us. Finally we went to place #3. The one she really wanted. Did I mention the three places we went to were all next to one another? And we're in Little ITALY. Italians are known for mobs and being thugs. Why would we choose to upset them? Nothing like a little indecision and fear to spice up your life. 

Me and mommy at our final lunch destination
 Wondering why we didn't have breakfast at Tiffany's
 Side note: for those of you considering going to DASH, don't. It's small, overpriced and underwhelming.

 Chanel, however, was perfect.


I know she had the time of her life in NYC. I think she soaked up every moment we were there. She loved being in Chanel, Dash and in Times Square. I'm so happy I got to spend it with her.

 Lucky for us, Union Square was having a mini farmer's market day. Unlucky for us, we didn't see anything we liked.
Isn't she the cutest?

I'm so happy I got to spend it with her.

SUNDAY: HER 16th BIRTHDAY! I make pancakes and bacon and decorated the downstairs. Then we went to the Palisades mall. It. Is. HUGE. Four stories huge. She loved it.

Then we went out to eat,

I know it's dark and blurry but whatev
came home and I made her a cake. I think she thought I forgot she mentioned red velvet because she was really surprised. But how could she think I would forget what cake she wanted? It's her birthday, of course I didn't forget!

Look at me being creative and gettin' my Pinterest on
 Then we just stayed up, opened presents and spent time together before they left us on Monday.

 Whew! That was just a blog summary of what we did this weekend. I'm still exhausted but I would do it all over again. I love hanging out with those two.

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