Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy birthday, Mom

Happy birthday, Mom! To me, my mom wasn’t always considered cool but she totally is now. As I matured, I think she immatured. [My computer says it’s not a word but…] That might be the best way to state it. I used to think she was a bore and now I think she is hilarious, light hearted and a really good friend. She’s an awesome grandmother to Bella and I couldn’t thank her more for the help she’s given me. 

My top ten favorite things about my mom:

10. She’s a superb cook. Seriously. I didn’t realize until I had other people’s cooking. I feel so sorry for kids whose mother’s lack cooking skills. Thank God she passed those skills to me. Especially as much as I like eating and trying new things. [Because of her I am willing to try anything! Especially when it comes to food. Hello, I ate squid, sushi and fish as a child.]

9. She has style! Finally. I know sound shallow. JUDGE ME. I DON’T CARE. But she didn’t always have a sense of style. I wish I could post pictures but she might kill me. She would wear my dad’s clothes… really. Now she works at one of the trendiest places in her town and she WERKS it. She wears those six accessories every shift and loves it.

8. She’s devoted. Last January, she decided she wanted to start running. I literally laughed at her.
Not to be mean but we had always hated DESPISED LOATHED the thought of running. But after a year of slowly building up her stamina or whatever it is, she ran a 15k a few weeks ago! Wait, what? MY MOM? Yes, she did. I wish I were there to cheer her on because to me, that is a big deal.

7. She puts her children first. Growing up, I never realized the things my mom and dad would do for us. But since becoming a parent, I clearly see. They sacrificed so much for us. We went to private schools when we really didn’t have the money. She always made a big deal about our birthdays which is probably why I am so obsessed with them. We would have parties every single year until we were thirteen. Yep, all three of us and sometimes Jasmine when she lived with us. We might have had a crummy Christmas but we would have bomb birthdays. Haha.

6. She taught me to be myself, to be proud of who I am and stand up for what I believe in. She taught me how to see who my true friends are and how to be one. I see my mom and she’s not afraid to be herself. She says "neat-o mosquito" and laughs at her own jokes. She's proud of her janky DIY projects and gets overly excited to try new things.
 I love it.

5.  She’s actually kind of funny. I didn’t realize this until I actually started listening to her. Haha. Sorry, mom. Who knew? Sharon is actually funny? She’s funny without being funny. We were in the mall and some lady was rude and she goes “Well, that lady is a b-hole.”


You can say A-hole.

You can call her a B.

But B-hole?

No, mom.



4. She’s really thoughtful. She thinks of people and does things for them. She really is kind. She’ll listen to her friends’ problems and help her neighbors and even people at work. That’s big to me because I only do one of those three. Ha.

3.  She’s beginning to let loose and enjoy life. Before we moved to Georgia and even a few years after, I don’t believe she was really enjoying life. I see a big difference in her. I see her happier and doing more things with my brother and sister and even with Bella. She goes out to night club/bars with her friends.


She's so happy [with the exception of the occasional co-worker] I don’t seem to see her too aggravated. Even with Lantz and Aiya. Or my dad for that matter. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen her mad at him in a looong time. She just let's the negative brush off of her. She refuses to let it effect her. I dig it.

2. She taught me how to be a good mom, I feel like I learned everything from my mom. I really can’t thank her enough. It’s something that was taught [whether directly, indirectly, intentionally or accidentally] and will be carried with me for the rest of my life. I learned how to respect and listen to my daughter, be present for my daughter, care for her and teach her values my parents instilled in me. 

1. She’s my mom and always will be. 


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