Monday, July 15, 2013


This weekend was full of really delicious, cheap/free food
aka every girl's dream.

Thursday was $.99 burrito day at Moe's. Any burrito.
We all got Homewreckers. Hey, what would you do?
P.s I sincerly regret not having pictures to document this incredible moment.

On Friday, Chickfila had their annual Cow Appreciation Day. 
You know. Dress like a cow get a free meal. 
And did we do that.

We went to EIGHT Chickfila's, two in the morning for breakfast 
and six in the afternoon to tackle lunch and dinner. 
We got everything from wraps to parfaits.

Call us greedy (you might be right) 
but the food came in handy.
Like when my family randomly stopped by for lunch. 
Or when Devon had a hangover.
 And do you want to know something unsettling?
We would get more Chickfila in a heartbeat.

Then Saturday was Krispy Kreme Day. 
Buy a dozen and get a dozen for $.76!

While we were in and out of six Chickfilas in two hours, 
we were in one Krispy Kreme for thirty minutes.
They were reeeeally unorganized. 

And today was actually really nice so
we took advantage and went swimming.

Literally the best week of summer so far.

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