Monday, July 8, 2013

A Bubble Guppies Party

On Sunday we celebrated Bella's third birthday!
Her party was Bubble Guppies, a show about mermaids.
Which is why I planned for the pool. Mermaids. Water. Pool. Get it?
See my way of thinking? It gets worse. Just wait until you see pictures.

Anyway, like I said we were supposed to have it at the pool
but if any of you are in Atlanta,
you'd know that Mother Nature is being a real bitch.

Except today. Today was really nice. Figures.
See? Bitch.

We ended up having it at my parents' house.
BTW thanks Mom and Dad!

I wish I would have gotten more pictures
but I made everything so I was a busy little mofo. 

Plus, I wanted it to be just right. I over planned.
 I stressed for no reason. I was annoying.
I can admit that. #FirstBornProbs

So we're missing pictures of games, the table set up, the family
and... of people in general.

Ha oops. Forgive me?

Here's what I did manage to get...

oh and P.s. it's totally okay to laugh at my water bottles.
Yes, I made them and yes, they were a disappointment.

Yes, that is a half eaten cucumber. I hadn't realized until now. #oops


Bella had so much fun and I loved seeing people who love her celebrate her birthday. 

Thanks to everyone who came and helped. 

What's that saying?
 It's not about what you do but who you do it with?
Is that even a real quote?
Who cares. It's true. 

Icing from Publix

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