Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Awk Elephant in the Blog

It's crossed my mind...

I started this blog when we moved to New York 
so that my family and friends could keep up with us..

But now that we've moved back to Georgia, 
my blog name and description don't make sense.

What am I supposed to do? 

I can't change my name. 
It took me forever trying to come up with one.

Only to be disappointed because
 someone else had the same idea! 
But I wasn't changing it so I added 2012.

Maybe I'll just say shit happens 
and things don't always go as planned.
And that's why we're here.
From peaches to apples back to peaches.

Maybe I'll do a blog makeover and change it all.

Eh, maybe not because that shit takes patience.
Which I seem to be lacking lately.

And on a side/unrelated/funny note: 

My public library account has been blocked due to the late fees I have.
Only I would be in debt over something that was initially free.

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