Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Can we just take a moment out our boring Monday and
 talk about the 2013 MTV video music awards?
I've been watching them since I was ten years old.
I love the performances, fashion and obviously the music videos.
Music videos give artists a chance to tell a story visually not just audibly.
How many videos were waaay different than what you imagined it would be?
I love that about videos.
Plus, it gives MTV a reason to get back to their roots.
On to the show.

Lady Gaga.
The queen of performing. I thought it was odd,
over the top and totally Gaga.
And while she's the queen, nothing will top the
2009 VMA performance for "Papparazzi".

Taylor Swift telling OneD to shut the fuck up was just.
Like, I can't even. Too funny.

Selena winning an MTV award was mind blowing to me.
To me, she looks like a five year old.

And Miley and Robin Thicke... so many questions.
Like did Miley look in the mirror before she performed?
Were Liam and Paula watching?
Why didn't Amazon Ashley stay?
Was this performance supposed to make me feel uncomfortable or...

And not too sure how Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
beat J. Cole, Drake, Kendrick or A$AP.
 But congratulations?

Justin Timberlake. Such a nice mini concert you gave.
He is a musical genius. Performing god.
I wonder what Britney Spears is thinking right now.
When NSYNC performed, my childhood was alive for
 seven seconds but died shorty.
 Mainly because Justin cut them off but also
because they were NOT the same NSYNC I remember.
Give me all or give me nothing!

I can't with A$AP new hair. No. I do not like. At all.

Oh, hey J.Hud. Performing with Macklemore?
Okay. Sure. I'll take it.

Not familiar with the Austin Mahone kid.
But what a little cutie!
The music can be muted but he's fun to look at.

He started out sounding like a little betch.Then suddenly turned up.
Where is your head? I don't follow.

Bruno Mars.
I just love his baby ass. So tiny and talented. I can't deal.
When is he coming to Atlanta?

And last. Literally last.
Katy. So much hype. And yet so little follow through.
I just like her jump roping skills.
This show made me miss the old VMA's...
Where Kanye interrupted Taylor, Britney walked out with a snake,
when Lil' Kim showed up with one boob out...
Ah, those were the days.

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