Sunday, August 18, 2013

Maybe We're Not Ready...

That's what I want to tell people when they ask me when Devon and I are getting married.

Like, Idk.

They'll be all,
Have you thought about it?

But you love each other.

And you have a child together.
Where is Bella anyway?

And you live together.
He likes my cooking.

And you plan on having a future together.

But you don't want to get married.
No....At least not yet.


We value marriage and the idea of marriage that we just want to make sure the time is right.

I mean, we're young. Maybe we just don't want to feel rushed. (Having a child does that)
Maybe it just isn't our time. Yet.
I'd rather take my time than to rush and end up in a divorce.

Marriage doesn't make us any more of a family if we get married.
And it sure as hell doesn't make us any less of family if we're not.

I've grown up in a church with certain beliefs and I know it's unacceptable to many. 
But things didn't happen the way we imagined and I don't live my life for other people.

I didn't give away Bella when others thought it was best.
I knew that wasn't for me.
I listened to myself.

I've learned to just do what feels right and makes me happy.
It's probably why I live with less regret.
I don't regret doing anything because I know I'm doing what I want.
Even if it's for a split second.

Because at the end of the day, it's my life.
I have to live with the choices I make.
No one else.
I just want to be happy and stay happy.
And I'm happy right where I am.

So hop off.

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