Monday, February 3, 2014


Finally, some time to blog. Actually I'm lying. Time really isn't an excuse. 
I haven't made my blog a priority. 

No Friday Fives in like two weeks. No posts since....who knows. 
Can you blame me? I'm working stupid crazy hours and what time I do have, I'd rather spend with my family. Which I have been doing. Not that I wasn't before. BUT we have been so busy with birthdays (three birthdays each a week apart), SNOW DAYS, events and bullshit that in reality, who wants to sit, write and "edit"? You guessed it, not me. I didn't want to make up stuff just to have posts. So I didn't. I haven't had weekly favorites because I haven't been paying attention to what I like. I've been spending time with people I like. And sincerely enjoying it.

Hopefully I'll pull my head out of my ass because I actually love documenting our lives and what we go through and how we handle situations. A few weeks ago, I read through my whole blog and I must say I am impressed. Please don't think I'm a narcissist but I loved seeing what we've done in the past year. Plus, it's fun seeing how Bella is changed and grew up. Maybe I'll do a monthly interview with Bella. Just to see how much and how often she changes. You don't realize how much a child grows. It'd be fun to watch.

Random Side Note: Did any of you watch the Superbowl?  
I don't usually watch football, but when I do it's the worst game in NFL history.
My luck.

Happy Monday!

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