Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Grammys

I literally cannot catch my breath from last night's award show.
I'm one of the freaks who lives and breathes music. This night is the one and only night that I can count on classy (looking at you MTV) and amazing performances.
I am guaranteed impressive vocals and nominees.

I live for this.
If you missed it, SHAME ON YOU!
But it's okay, you have me to give you a quick recap.

Beyoncé and Jay started off the show with a sexy and fun performance of Drunk in Love.
Not to be a perv but I want a peak in their bedroom.
What were you doing at seventeen? Doesn't matter, Lorde just performed and won at her first Grammys. And killed it.

 Then there was Katy and Juicy J's performance of Dark Horse, one of my faves for 2013...
I couldn't look away. Who knew he cleaned up so nicely? Definitely not me.
P!nk sang and spun on ribbon. What the what? Soooo good.
John Legend. I just adore him. And not just for the fact that he looks like an
older version of my brother. Tell me I'm lying.

 Kendrick and Imagine Dragons. HOLY SHIT.
 They had my crunk af...even after working a ten hour shift.
How cute was Kacey Musgraves? It's a shame she had to go right after Kendrick and Imagine Dragons though...

Stevie, Daft Punk, Nile and Pharrell. Talk about a perfect combination.
First of all, is anyone else completely done with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis?
Next, how the eff did they beat the nominees for Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Album?! Is your mind still recovering?
Lorde beat Justin, Katy and Sarah. Whoa.
I love how Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake won a Grammy for the song they performed
at last year's award show.

BRUNO MARS WON! What a cute and talented little man he is. swoon.
p.s. anyone else notice his date's face drop when he dedicated his award to his mom and not her?

 Taylor Swift awk dancing bahaha love that bish
Beyoncé's hair...

Cindi Lauper's accent.

 Jay-Z saying, "..Daddy got a gold sippy cup for you.." Like the bitch didn't already have one.

  The Pepsi commercial with the Fox commentators. Hey, it's Winton's dad!
Anyone else uncomfortable with Robin Thicke's ending move? Or feel that Chicago might do something rash to make a comeback?

Willie Nelson is alive?

So I guess I lied. Christmas isn't my favorite time of the year. Award seasons is.
 Surely you understand.

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