Thursday, February 8, 2018

Happy 28th birthday, Papi

Today is my baby zaddy’s birfdaaaay! He is my best friend and my soul mate for every lifetime. 

This is the eleventh birthday we’re spending together. From state championships to first legal drinks to gambling at a casino, to eating cake with our children, I’ve been there celebrating. It’s dope to literally watch him grow into the man he has become.

Really quickly, here are five facts about Devon
  1. He has the power to lighten ANY mood. Regardless of the situation or who was involved, he’ll do or say something to make everyone smile. He cheers me up when I didn’t know I needed cheering. He makes me laugh when I don’t feel like laughing. He makes all days brighter and all moments sweeter. 
  2. He is a die hard Knicks fan. He cheers for them every. single. time. Even when they’re embarrassing af. Which is often. One of our first dates was a Knicks @ Hawks and I was mad embarrassed. Like I really thought it was about to be fun but nope. Everybody cracking jokes and shit. I should also mention he’s a Yankee fan(we named our son Jaxon Jeter). But it’s easy to like a team that’s  incredible. It’s tough to stay loyal in the bad times. And unfortunately for the Knicks, that’s all the time. But I respect him for it.
  3. He’s thoughtful. Like bringing me an extra scoop when I said I didn’t want one. Or detailing my car bc I mentioned it as a sidebar in an earlier convo. In fact, he wanted his cake sooo bad last night but refused to eat it because he didn’t want his babies to have a half eaten cake. ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Lol I love him.
  4. He roasts our kids. Nothing is off limits. He makes discipling fun but in a way that makes our children think about their actions. He’s perfected his timing and comments and I just really appreciate him saying things I can’t. 
  5. He is my home, my rock. No matter where we are I always find peace with him. When life is too heavy he lifts me to a better head space. When he sees I’m skressed, he goes to the source and removes it as best he can. He takes the kids. He starts dinner and finishes the dishes. He truly is BAE. I’ve loved him for almost ten years and have never stopped. I may have stopped liking him at a few moments (or days) but the love is constant. 
Happy birthday, Dev! Cheers to many more strawberry crunch cakes, oversized Hershey bars and homemade pizzas! And maybe a blunt but idk

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