Friday, February 1, 2013

Where can you buy toddler boxing gloves?

I don’t really know what’s going on with Bellie. 

Maybe she’s frustrated.

Maybe she just likes it. 

But we don’t and neither does Sophia.

 Poor Sophia. 

Or poor Bella.

 We don’t really know.

Bella is a hitter now. Devon nor I have witnessed it but we’ve heard of her doing it.

She was on a hitting spree for a brief moment but only because she thought it was funny. We quickly put an end to all of that and she hasn’t been hitting for a while...

Until we moved to NY and she’s been around Sophia. It’s not that Sophia hits Bella. Because she hasn’t. Not once. So I know she isn’t picking it up from her.

THEORY 1.  I think Sophia just irritates Bella sometimes and she doesn’t know how to respond the correct way. I’ve seen Sophia beg Bella to do things she doesn’t want to do. Sophia doesn’t listen and keeps begging. Then finally Bella just yells no and runs away. But maybe she doesn’t always have patience and doesn't feel like running away.

THEORY 2.  Or maybe Bella hits because she isn’t getting what she wants at that time. She has been trying to take toys away from Sophia and gets reeeeally upset when I tell her to give them back and wait her turn.

The reason I am trying to figure out the why’s is because I would address them in two different ways. Sooo I guess I’ll be keeping an extra eye out for when the girls are with me.

P.S. I am feeling uneasy at the thought of it being February 1.
P.S.S Devon's birthday is next week and we literally have ZERO planned.

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