Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crafting Ain't Easy

While I've been getting used to my sewing machine, fabrics and techniques, I've come up with a few creations.

First, I made this fun, girly snack bag. Bella loves carrying it around. It is big enough to hold a generous amount of snacks including popcorn...and it closes! I did make another one for her crayons so it's big enough to hold those, too. However, it's not big enough to hold a sandwich but don't worry I'll be making one soon. hehe. 

Next, THE SHORTS THAT WERE A DRESS. I attempted some shorts for myself...yeah. They were super cute and super tight. I got the material from a dress and thought I could make it work. [And believe me when I say I tried. I worked on this baby for hours trying to figure out how to fix them] But I thought wrong. So instead I'm just going to make it a maxi skirt for Bella.

Here, I made Bella a shorts and ruffled tank set (haven't made the straps yet) from an old dress and one of my old tees. This turned out pretty cute but the straps are literally the most annoying thing to make.So I've kind of been procrastinating on that...It's not like she can wear it while we're in NY.

And finally, my favorite creation..ever. 
 I cannot say how much I adore this little sweater. I have been looking all over for one [for both me and Bella] but no luck. Then I remembered about the ill fitting sweater from H & M that was just coolin' it in the back of my closet. Duh, make one for Bella! It's slouchy but not sloppy. It can be worn whenever because of it's fabric. I have this idea of her wearing this with jeggings, brown leather boots and a top knot bun. I'm dying at the thought.

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