Thursday, April 11, 2013

Home Sweet Georgia

I am soooo very happy to be back in Georgia.
I have missed this weather and crazy people I call my family.

My heart was about to beat out of my chest when I saw Lindsey and Andrew. 
They are my people. I love them so much. They are considered family, too. 

It was just good to have sincere, silly and special encounters.
Encounters from conversations to parties to days at the park and the blunt on the trampoline. Haha.

My brother and sister are on spring break this week so I got to hang out with them all day everyday. They are just as fun to be around as I remember. We went bike riding and for a run/walk around the neighborhood a few times and had dinner in the gazebo. I cannot express how much I LOVE THIS WEATHER. It has been beautiful every day we have been here...with the exception of today because apparently there is supposed to be a wild ass storm. But my brother will be gone so it's just Aiya and me and we will watch as much Gossip Girl as we possibly can. (I'm trying to see if there are any hints of it being Dan.)

Then tomorrow I get to see my big brother, Ray, his son, Cam (who is cute beyond words) and my Aunt Di aka mamaD aka mom #2.  I've missed them so much and cannot wait to see them.

Whew. It's hard to believe I've been here for over a week! I don't want to leave yet. Bella is having way too much fun with my mom's jewelry, stalking Lantz and releasing the dog from his cage. I'm obsessing over the weather, good cooking and free entertainment for Bella. But we'll be back soon.

Plus Devon just sounds pathetic and lonely so maybe it's time we go back.

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