Monday, April 1, 2013


We know the true meaning of Easter. 

So don't judge too hard when I tell you we celebrated with an egg hunt and Easter baskets.

I made Devon's Easter basket with candy and beer. Classy.

I made Bella's with random things that we thought she'd like.

Oh, did I mention I made Bella's dress? 
I only worked on it for SEVEN hours but at least it came out semi cute.
 I know the quality is terrible but I had to post them.
These faces. I can't even..

Then we [aka Devon's parent's since we're staying with them] hosted Easter brunch. 
There was at least twenty people here. And only nine were our family. Haha.
The rest were the neighbors and their family. 
But they served sangria's so everything was fine.

Then we tried taking family pictures...

Hey, I said we tried.

Happy Easter!

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