Tuesday, May 14, 2013

That didn't last long

It's official. 
We're moving back to Georgia.

I am effing ecstatic to be going back minus the whole moving part.
Not sure why I'm complaining because majority of our shit is in storage anyways so we just have to load
 everything into the moving truck.
 Easy Breezy.

My ten day visit in April was such a tease.
The gorgeous weather (and the activities that go with it), being with my family and friends, and devouring DELICIOUS food, (not being around irritating people) just had me wanting more.
I missed everything about home and while I am happy that we're moving back...

 We're in the midst of finding an apartment, a couch, a beauty school and jobs for both of us...
Oh, I didn't mention that this move wasn't really planned? 
Well...this move wasn't really planned.
And guess what. This bish doesn't even care.
Because I'm going home.

 I can't wait to leave this icebox of a state and enjoy life again.
Wow, that really sounded like life is terrible and it's not.
It's just better in the south ;)

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