Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mid Year Resolution

Is that allowed? 

Because I have this new idea to enjoy life.
Like, reeeally enjoy life.
I want to go out and experience things. 
Not just me but Bella and Devon, too.

Starting off,

We need to get out there.

For our birthdays, mother’s day and father’s day, instead of buying gifts I say we go places and do things together. We always talk about how we want to do this and go here but we can never find the time.
If we are forced to get creative because we can’t buy gifts, we can do all the things we’ve wanted to do!

Last year for Bella’s birthday, we celebrated at the Georgia Aquarium.
We had so much fun.
No party planning, no wild children…that needed my supervision anyway, no need to buy party supplies.
Just a relaxing, fun day with the birthday girl.
Before you go all #holidaynazi on me, Bella will have a party here and there (like this year) but for the most part this family is going places and doing shit.

I want to go wine tasting, go to festivals, sky diving, go camping, make my own shoes…
 I don’t know.

I just want to have fun with my life.

Since Mother’s day is the next holiday…I need to come up with a plan.
Hmmmm. What to do?


I want to celebrate every holiday.
Not necessarily always host a party but at least celebrate with a meal.
[like St. Patty's breakfast=green pancakes..or a bowl of Lucky Charms]
We always say that we've wanted to, so now I'm going to try to
earn my "Hostess with the Mostess" title.  
I want Bella to remember her childhood with fun and silly memories.
Heck, I want to look back and have those memories.
And we need to get back to the basics.

I want to start making MORE food from scratch and maybe
even create homemade detergents and cleaners. I think I'll appreciate things more.
I’ve been incredibly surprised at how much food I can make from scratch
but have been buying out of pure convenience.
Ahem, taco seasoning.
How stupid. I can make this shit at home.
 For waaaaay cheap!
Not to mention ditch the horrible ingredients are in most of our food.
So I will be that mom.
I will be the one who makes everything just so I know what my family and I are consuming.
Think about it.
When you ask your friend for a recipe, she doesn’t say, “...salt, a clove of garlic, oh, and olestra.”
So why do our foods in the store contain absurd ingredients?
If you can’t create a product without sicko ingredients, then why create them at all?

BLAHBLAHBLAH I know food is fuel but can't it be tasty, too?
I want to both feel good about what I eat and enjoy it.

I’m on a mission.

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