Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#Breastfeeding #WokeWednesday

Breastfeeding as a Millennial

I was nine when I saw my mom breastfeeding my brother. It didn't really register with me that it might be weird to my friends when they came over. It was my normal.
But then I noticed, just about every baby in my life used formula and started to think that breastfeeding wasn't so normal.

Fast forward to the present.There are a ton of resources for education and assistance. Insurance companies are providing pumps for free Laws are changing. And it seems as if women are stepping out of bathrooms and onto social media. I've noticed so many women posting breastfeeding pictures and it's inspiring. Social media influencers like Tammy Hembrow and Catherine Paiz and even supermodel Candice Swanaepol are using their platforms to #NormalizeBreastfeeding.

When I breastfed Bella (seven years ago), it was because we were broke and I saw how expensive formula was and almost had a seizure. Breastfeeding was free and convenient for the most part. But I do remember when my friends came over and I'd hide out to feed Bella or kill myself pumping to pack bottles when we went out.

I was self conscious and honestly afraid to make people feel uncomfortable.

Now? Girl, bye.

I breastfeed anywhere and everywhere! Granted I'm not stripping down and flashing the tit but I feel so much more confident breast feeding in public. I'm just thinking, "My kid is surviving solely from something my body produces. How can you not think that's incredible?".

Now that I have Jax, I thought it would be weird for Bella as a six year old but she's cool with it, too!  I've just explained to her that's how he eats. She's seen me pump, breastfeed in public and while we play Sorry.

I can proudly say that breastfeeding is her normal.
So much so, she's made a few comments...

"Now, Molly, that is breast milk vomit."

"He just wants a plate of boobs." 

"He's hungry for the boooooob."

"Wait, why doesn't Dad ever breastfeed Jax?"

If a six year old can grasp the idea that a baby can only drink milk and the milk comes from its mom, why can't adults?

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