Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Baby's Head is Flat!

Let's just say, Jaxon has a history of reflux.

As you can see, we were desperate for help, especially when he slept. The Rock N Play was our saving grace! It kept him elevated, which seemed to help prevent vomit. It also kept him moving which also kept him happy. And quiet! This thing was brilliant! Jaxon fell asleep and stayed asleep! Oh, and it was a gift so it was for the free, too. 

Fast forward to three weeks ago. I'm noticing his head is low key flat but I'm like, "I'm a Libra, I notice flaws all the time. It's nothing." Then we go to the pediatrician and he's like, "His head is a tad flat. He just needs more tummy time." 


All I'm picturing is Jaxon wearing a helmet. Nothing wrong with it but like, I want to avoid it. I mean, yes, there is the whole neurological and developmental aspect but HIS HEAD IS FLAT. 

So I'm panicking. 

Are they going to call DFCS? I promise I'm not a neglectful parent! We do love him! We play with him and he does tummy time! 

Thankfully, the doctor reassured me that Jaxon is still developing on target and we have time to correct his head. Jaxon just needs more tummy time. 

Okay, more tummy time it is.

Later when I put him down for a nap in the Rock N Play, I notice his chin is resting in his chest. I always thought it was because his chunky cheeks were heavy and low. But the more I observe him...Why is his head like that?

Oh my gosh. Is this the mf making his head flat?!

I felt betrayed! This deliverer was also the culprit to Jaxon's lopsided head! #Judas

But how did this happen? He doesn't spend that much time in it. He only sleeps in the rocker. Wait. Newborns sleep all the time. No! It is my fault! How did I even let this happen?! 

I started to feel guilty but that got me no where. So, I got my shit together, did some research and found this goddess physical therapist slash blogger. After reading, I feel a little better as a mom because I realized that I am not  alone. As it turns out, the rocker is popular and one of the major causes for brachycephaly aka Flat Head Syndrome. 


Okay, I'm not such a bad mom and it really isn't too late to correct it. We have a month until his four month check up so I will have an idea of how he is improving.

I know that additional tummy time and changing Jax to his crib are a must. But I'm not naive. I also know that this transition will be challenging and I have to prepare for what is ahead. 


From him and me. But it really is my fault. Now, he has a lot of adjusting to do. Just please pray for a young one. *insert crying emoji*

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