Thursday, February 28, 2013

Curly Hair Don't Care

I absolutely love my hair.

But let’s be clear, it hasn’t always been this way. 
Since I was seven [when I started to do my hair]
we’ve had a love/hate relationship. 

We’ve been through everything.
We’ve been to school, prom, cheer leading comps,
 tropical vacays, and New York in the freezing cold.

We’ve been in school pictures and magazines. 

We’ve been stared at in adoration and in disbelief.

We’ve been long and curly,
short and straight, short and poufy, long and straight,
beautiful and just plain ugly.

With our long history comes trial and error experimentation.
I can honestly say I’ve tried every type of hair product from 1998 to 2004.

Hair gel. Mousse. Creams. Leave in conditioners. Hair sprays.
You name it, I probably used it. 

For a while, I had tried almost every product of every brand.  
Living in Biloxi, Ms, there weren’t too many hair stylists
 who knew much about African-American/Asian hair.

My hair was confusing. 
The white people just wanted to straighten it and the black people just wanted to braid it. 
No one knew what to do with my hair. 

I was ten, embarrassed and annoyed.

When I was twelve, I got my hair cut by a French woman. 

Two serious problems
1) she knew NOTHING about my hair
 2) I couldn’t understand her. 

Let’s just say I was less than happy and more than willing to send this bitch back to France.

 It was the worst haircut I'd ever had.

I swore that I would never go to a salon again.
And I didn’t.
In seventh grade, my hair was long but seriously damaged from using my $5 straightener
and I knew that I needed much more than a trim. 

So I cut it.

And it didn’t turn out too bad.
I’ve been cutting my own hair ever since.
I guess I took that quote
"If you want something done right, do it yourself"
to another level.

All of this to say I have learned a tip or two about curly hair.

 What to use
Since I’m lazy af and don’t feel like doing research, I just switched to baking soda and water.
 [here’s a link for more info]
It cleans your hair, you know exactly what’s in it and my favorite, it’s cheap.
When I do use shampoo, I use this!
It’s been my favorite shampoo so far.

What to do:
Read labels!
I have found this website to help determine which ingredients are harmful.
Only wash your scalp.
The excess shampoo will wash your hair when you rinse.
 P.S. don't forget to use t-shirts instead of towels to dry hair.

What to use:
Like I said, I’ve tried everything but the “product” I like to use is apple cider vinegar.
My hair feels softer and healthier after one use.
 I also use Aussie Three Minute Miracle.
Oh my good hair.
It’s a drugstore find but it makes your hair incredibly soft, less frizzy and more manageable.

 What to do:
 I wash and condition my hair first thing in the shower.
 This way my conditioner sits in my hair the whole time I shower.

What to use:
I swear by coconut oil and olive oil.


What to do:
I just put some in my hair, put a shower cap on,
leave it in for fifteen minutes or overnight!
Then wash it out and admire yourself.

What to use:
 My mom bought this for me for Mother’s Day last year.
In the fourteen years that I’ve been torturing myself styling my hair,
this is by far the best product for curly hair.
I will never use anything else.
You get huge results with little product. And there’s a lot of product.
 It’s inexpensive, smells great and it’s natural!
My curls look defined and hydrated.
 My hair is never crunchy or frizzy.
 I swear by it.
 It's a curly haired girl's dream.

What to do:
Since we all have a different types of curls, just use as much as you need.
I don't know about you but I used to feel like shit when
 the instructions would say "use a dime size amount".
Yeeeah for my bangs?
I used to have to worry about damping my hair in the a.m.
 only to end up with a frizzball later.
 Talk about annoying.
 With this, I use it at night, twist my hair up in a french bun,
go to sleep. 
No need to wet it in the morning!

-When hair is damp, take a small section of hair and twist it and leave it. 
Do this all over and when your hair dries, you end up with ringlets! 
It can be time consuming but really works. 

-Sometimes I cheat. 
When I want really defined curls, I use my curling wand. 
Not on all of my hair just the parts that aren't as curly as the rest or if it's frizzy.
 If you use a wand, be sure to use a heat protective spray like this.

 Now go. 

Go werk those natural curls.


  1. Hello! I'm a mixed chick myself and my curls look very similar to yours. I just saw some of the products you mentioned for the first time at Target this week and after reading your post, I'm going to check them out! Also, I've never heard of using a T-shirt to dry my hair, instead of a towel, but im guessing it has to do with less frizz. I'll look into it. Thank you for your post!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! Do you still live in Biloxi? I live in Gulfport and am desperate to find a curly hair salon. I found a lady in Mobile that does the DevaCut but she is booked through January.