Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sew On, With Ya Bad Self

Since I've gotten my sewing machine, I've been experimenting with new projects. 

I haven't posted anything because I've been so embarrassed. 

Most of them have been fails.

 For instance, I made a skirt and bow set for Bella. 

Then I changed my mind and made shorts instead. Cute but small. Bust.

Then I set my hopes high for a romper for myself...Do I need to finish? Bust. 

I ripped it when I was trying it on
Then I made Bella a pair of leggings from a long sleeve shirt that I saw on a few blogs. Bust. 

[[I don't have a picture because they are so terrible. I changed the pattern like four times and they were still shit.]]

So as you can see, all of my projects came out janky and were a waste of my time learning experience. Thank God all of these were less than $2 or I'd be even more pissed.

But something magical happened this weekend. I made Bella a tunic from a $3 XL shirt from Target, 

and a dope pair of leggings from my old Hollister shirt that I NEVER wore.

 Then I became so infatuated with my sewing machine that I ended up making her a skirt from an old shirt. 

I know it's plain and boring but it was just practice. Now that I know how EASY it is to do, I just might have to stock up on thrift store shirts.

I have all these ideas and it scares me.

 Mostly Devon but me too. 

Because we know nothing is safe. 


I guess you can say I'm a sewing machine. 

Get it?

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