Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

To most people, today is Valentine’s Day. But to us, it’s considered our anniversary.

Let me explain, before you go off thinking we’re cliche and shit.

 It was kind of forced upon us. I say this because

1. I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend at the time Devon and I wanted to start dating

2. Therefore we don’t really have an actual day that he asked me to be his girlfriend

3. But Valentine’s is the closest day we remember. He told me he liked me by setting up a classroom of candy and a big ass red bear. Romantic, I know.

So until we get married, today is our anniversary.

Our FIFTH anniversary.






 Things are fab and I feel like we are in a healthy and happy place. We’ve learned to be in constant communication. Whether it’s positive, negative, a compliment or an insult, we discuss it.
We made sure we were spending our days off together as a family. We had picnics at the park, tried new restaurants and took Bella to the aquarium for her second birthday. We had a fun summer vacay and celebrated our first real Halloween, as the Flintstones. We discovered how to be content with our lives and I think that helped.
So here we are, living in New York.
Since moving, we’ve become closer. We stick together and keep each other sane in this maniacal house.
We really have grown up together.
We’ve learned from mistakes together, supported each other and have found sincere happiness in one another.
We’ve learned how to balance each other.
We know what to say and do to make our days better.
We can do nothing together and still manage to have fun. 
[Sometimes we’ll just play Sorry or Trouble, have a drank and BOOM! A mini date. I sense judgment but that’s okay.]
Our life and relationship aren’t traditional nor are they perfect but they work for us.

I love our story because we should have been broken up by now.
Being high school sweethearts.

Getting pregnant in high school.

Living together.

With a baby.

Statistics say we shouldn’t be together but we are.

And we’re genuinely happy.

If you couldn’t tell already, I love Devon more than I could ever put into words and I’m thankful to have him in my life.

He’s nothing I thought I wanted but everything I need.

I refuse to leave on a sappy note so in summary:

He’s a dope guy and I’m a bad ass girl and we’re good together.

Happy Anniversary, Devon!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the rest of you mf

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