Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's all good in motherhood

Everyone always used to warn me about how tough and scary motherhood was (which is absolutely true) but no one told me how fun and exciting it is.
Motherhood is daunting and overwhelming at times but I actually love it.

I said it.
I love being a mother. 

I feel like I'm not allowed to say it being a 21with a 2.5 year old.
But eff all of you who think I should hate it.
It's really a lot of fun.  

I love teaching and watching Bella develop into who she is supposed to be.
I enjoy [well kind of] seeing Bella grow up and gain her independence.
I like coloring, playing matching games and using my imagination to play pirate/princess/dinosaur/monster with her.

It reminds me not to take everything so seriously.
It reminds me how much I enjoy living.
I laugh more than I ever have. 

I promise she’s on my list of top five people to hang out with.
It may be strange but she might be one of my best friends.
Not bestfriend best friends more like motherdaughter best friends.
I'm a mom when she needs a mom and a friend when she needs a friend.
[Being a stay at home mom and not having friends with children forces you to learn a balance.]

We have a special relationship.
Blah Blah Yeah
I know she’s only two but I look and see other families who don’t have the relationship that we have.
And it makes me cherish it even more.
I am able to play with her and still be respected by her.

She loves giving hugs and kisses. [It’s her fave way to wake me up when she lays with us]
She likes being around me and I love being around her.
She listens to me and I listen to her.
I make sure she knows I am listening to her.
I think that’s a big deal.
Most parents think of children as children not as little people growing and learning,
which at this age, is constant.

It's amazing how she knows her books because we've read them so much.
Or when she wants to brush and floss her own teeth because "It's my turnt"
Or how excited she gets when she eats all of her veggies because she knows it makes me happy.

She was staying with her aunt last night but we ran into them at Target. 
Go figure.
Anyways, she saw us and was losing her shit because she was so happy! It was like she hadn’t seen us in weeks. She was so giddy and excited.

I tell you. I just love this girl.
God knew what kind of child I needed.
I couldn’t ask for a better child.
Seriously. She's perfect.

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