Monday, September 2, 2013

Bella's Summer 2014 Haul

Yes, you read that correctly.
I went and bought a few things for Bella for next summer/spring.
Don't judge me. I'm not as crazy as you think.
Or I am.

Just hear me out.

I buy most of Bella's clothes at the end of the season when it's the cheapest.
I really try to wait as long as possible. But if I wait too long I can miss out on the cute stuff in her size. I do my best guessing when buying for future seasons.
So far I've been A1 because she's been true to size (you know buy 6-9 months when she's 7 months, buy 2T when she's two years...) As she gets older it may get harder.

I do have a few rules that I follow when I go:

BRING THE KID WITH YOU. I'm so happy I brought Bella with me. I figured next summer she would be closer to a 4T (she'll be four next July)...WRONG. I had to buy her swimsuit in a 6/7 because the toddler sizes almost fit her now. Which means they def won't fit in a year.

MUST BE UNDER $10 (I shoot for $5 haha) or it's not a good deal. What if it doesn't even fit next season? Can you resell it for the price you bought it? If not, don't do it.
Call me cheap, shit at least you're calling. Seriously.

BUY INEXPENSIVE NOT CHEAP. Huge difference. Trust me. You can get great deals on name brands items when they're on sale. Sometimes they are the price (or lower) of the non name brand items at full price. I'd rather have inexpensive, quality items than cheap ones.

BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING SHOES. This is the hardest. I usually end up buying within the season to be safe. I'd rather spend the $30 and know she'll wear them than spend $15 and have to give them up because they're not the right size. But I do buy flip flops because they're dirt cheap. Like, I give dirt to the cashier.

Okay so here's what I found this past month. And because this is clearance, there's no guarantee that they'll be at your store. But check anyway they may have more or better stuff.

Got this at Macy's with a gift card
 so technically it was free.

And this tank was an additional 20% off!

It says $10 but you know me better than that.
 Got them for $1.99!

This was additional 20% off, too!

This was additional 30% off!

My mom bought these for Bella for $5 but they were a tad big.
 Hopefully they'll fit next spring.

I got these from Cotton On for $5.

These flip flops were also additional 20% off.

Old Navy is having 30% off reg priced items and additional
20% off of clearance during Labor Day weekend!

Happy shopping ;)

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