Monday, September 23, 2013

Babble: Emmy's and OITNB

I don't even want to talk about how big of a disappointment 
the Emmy's were this year. 
The only positives were that I recorded it so I could fast forward 
at any given time and the choreography dance number. 
The fashion wasn't even on it this year. 
How does a 41 year look like this?

Share your secrets, oh great one.

On to something semi relevant.
 My parents are letting me use their Netflix (thanks, Mom and Dad) 
and I found a new show. Well, new to me anyway. And it's really good.

Orange is the New Black.

I finished the season in two days.
I had heard a lot about it but was skeptical.

Yes, the premise of the show was interesting...
 a rich white lady in prison. Obvi she would have a hard time
but would there be more to the show?

Turns out, it offers much more.

The show focuses on many, not just an individual.
There are an array of characters, 
old, young, American, foreign...transgender.

It's also kind of funny. Wait, it is funny. And serious.
At the same time.
There are moments that you sincerely loath these criminals women and 
then suddenly you feel for them and want to hold them.
But only for a few seconds because those bitches are horny.

They also talk about real shit. 
What relationships are like in and out of prison.
What it's like once you get out.

Drug abuse. Sexual abuse. Abuse of authority.
How segregation is still present.
How terrifying it is to be in solitary confinement. 

Then there's the fact that they rep girl power so hard.
Most of the women are strong and actually powerful.
 They say what they think, do what they want and don't apologize for it.
Although, sometimes they really should.
I couldn't stop watching it. 
In fact, last night I didn't stop watching it...until 3 a.m. 
When I finished the season. Woops.

I can't wait for season two.
 Please say there will be a season two.
If so, I will be binge watching once it's released.

And speaking of shows this family is obsessed with...
My three year old is obsessed with Family Guy.
Why? She doesn't even get the jokes.
Or does she?

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