Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Stores Like Forever21...but better

The following are indications of a basic bitch.

Instagramming food.
Dressing up as a cat for Halloween.
Mostly shopping at Forever21.

While I'd like to address all, I can't today and will focus on the last.

Step away from the insanely bright room filled with 
poorly made clothing, cheap jewelry and sloppy presentation. 

I could bitch about that store all day. 
But I won't.

Just know that you deserve better. 
I will show you. 

Here are a few stores you might be overlooking.

H & M
Beyond obsessed with this place. 
Fashion forward and inexpensive clothes for the whole fam. 
Their clothes are a mix of trendy and classic. 
Plus, they just opened a home section so your house will be dope, too! 
Everything they have is to die.
 Aaaand they just launched online shopping. 
 *wallet hides*

One of the few things I miss about New York is this store. 
I had never heard of Cotton On until we moved and ended up falling in love. 
Once you check them out, you'll see why I'm devastated 
that the closet store is 300 miles away.
*insert crying emoji*
 Their original prices aren't high but their sales are insane. 
And on good items! Major plus.

Charming Charlie
This store can be pricier but they usually have really good sales. 
Like BOGO off low clearance prices. I once got a $30 dress for $5!
 And I love love love their jewelry and purses. 
The jewelry doesn't discolor and the purses are pretty sturdy. 
They also sell cute shoes. 
Their wedges and sandals are a must for summer.

Urban Outfitters
I never pay full price for clothes, shoes or accessories in this store. 
Most of it ends up going on sale. So be patient! 
Their sales are usually 50-70% off original prices. 
I bought a $35 shirt for $5 in NYC.
They have quality clothes that are clever, funny and original.

Love Culture
Their clothes aren't many steps above F21 but I'll take it. 
They have a ton of different styles that will match anyone's personal style. 
Okay, not everyone but you get what I mean.
Disclaimer: this store can be extremely trendy. 
You've been warned.
Hope this expands your shopping horizons!

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