Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five: Emmy Edition

The Emmy’s are this Sunday and girl, I cannot wait. 
I love a good awards show and with NPH hosting, it’s a given.
Here are my top five favorite shows that are nominated.

 My Thursday nights have never been more confused, heartbroken and turned on.
 This show is the shit. 
I love the characters.  Olivia, Huck, Millie and dare I say… the cheating Prez? 
This show has everything, drama, suspense, and romance...if you want to call it that.
 I can’t wait for it to come back October 3. Happy late birthday to me.

 House of Cards. 
Oh. My. Bad guy gone badder. 
Love this show soooo much. It’s intense and different than anything I’ve seen. 
So much betrayals and secrets. And that’s just the government aspect.  
 If you haven’t watched it on Netflix you should.
 But be warned that you will want to finish the series ASAP 
because it’s that good.

 Bubble Guppies.
 You may already know we love Bubble Guppies. 
This is one of the only children’s shows I don’t mind watching with Bella. 
Their music is always on point, their puns are funny and 
I just want Bella to have a teacher like Mr. Grouper. 
Is that too much to ask?

  Modern Family.
This show is so hilarious. The characters are loveable and relatable. 
I love that they are completely different than any other family on television
 yet face the same issues. 
Their banter, silliness and love for each other reminds me
 that not all families are totally messed up.

 Giada at Home.
 Okay, basically, all of the Culinary shows.
 I love me a good cooking show. Especially Giada. 
That little Italian can make anything her big chest desires. 
And it never fails, she can’t resist licking a chocolate covered spoon. 
I admire that.

Who are you rooting for this weekend? 
Are you even watching it? 
Is anything else even on that night?

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