Saturday, January 4, 2014

Babble: cars or lack there of.

I'm twenty two and without a car. Not really ideal for someone my age. And it really sucks. If I want to go somewhere when Devon isn't home, I have to ask for a ride. Talk about embarrassing. And irritating.

Having a car given to you really sets you up. Most of the cars my friends and family have/had really helped them get to where they are. Literally. They were able to get to meetings, interviews, and even college.
Could you imagine getting accepted into a great school and you couldn't drive to it? I was supposed to have help buying my car in high school but I got pregnant. So maybe it's my fault?

I mean, I had a car last year before we moved to New York but it totally wasn't worth my driving or towing. Plus, I didn't have a job so I wouldn't be able to finish paying for it.

So basically, a car is another reason I really need to save this year. It's been really hard because there is this cruel cycle where it's like you need a car. You need money. You need a job to get money. You need a car to get to job. You have no car... So you really need a car. You need money,..etc..

See? f-ing frustrating. I'm really trying to be patient but if you know me, I'm not a patient person. I will be that stereotypical 20-something who spends majority of her money when she gets her tax return. hahaha.

So there's that. Whew, I feel so much better letting it all out. Because I am constantly frustrated.

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