Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Five

It’s a new year and most of us have resolutions or at least things we would like
 to accomplish this year. 
If you don’t, you should. Having goals sets us up for success…or so I’ve heard.
Although my main goal is to make money and save up, I do have additional things in mind for the new year.
Favorite Pick up

I neeeeed to start reading again. I love television and Insta but I’m so sick of it. 
I want to find books that inspire, encourage and entertain. 

Favorite mantra

Sure, Kanye is an ass but this is a valid point. I would love to be confident and proud of myself.

Favorite Prediction

I know this is silly but it’s so fun to consider.

Favorite Inspo

I don’t live my life for other people but it doesn’t hurt to make someone’s day. I work in a hospital where serious shit happens all day. My attitude can make or break someone and I need to stay in check. I want to talk to more people, listen and learn. 

Favorite New Hobby
I want to get involved in gardening. How convenient would it be to grow your own food? 
I’m going tostart with herbs and a lemon tree, then transition into more complicated plants. 
Wait, does that even make sense? Complicated plants?

I sincerely hope this year brings you everything you work for. 

Tomorrow is the first Saturday I have off since I started working and I can't wait to 
spend time with my family. We're thinking of going to SkyZone. 
Bella loves it there. Who am I kidding? We all love it there. 

Hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I will enjoy mine :)

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