Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Five

It's Friday! Let's get the weekend started with my faves.
Would you want it any other way?
Don't answer that.
Favorite Utensils
I know this is way beyond random but how adorable are these?
The MilkandHoney Etsy shop has a ton of different quotes to choose from...
Hello Mother's day present.
Favorite Flashback
Rory Gilmore is (and most likely always will be) the only girl on television
 I don't mind Bella admiring. She always had her shit in check...
except when she hooked up with Dean when he was married...
Favorite Sketch
 I mean...

Favorite DIY
I love making my own things. I can be creative and save money!
 I can't wait to try this green tea mask.

Favorite Skinny Meal
I made Skinny Stuffed Peppers this week and they turned out phenomenal.
It's low in cals, high in nutrients and absolutely delish. I also made guac and used plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Talk about YUM.

Hope you have a fun and warm weekend!

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