Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do you ever just...

...stop, stare at your kid and think, "damn, you've gotten big"?!

You see your child everyday so you don't notice the small, gradual changes.
You just see the grand finale, the big bang, which is why I don't when this
 growing up thing happened. 

Just look at this beauty.

She's not my little baby Bella anymore. 
She draws perfect faces, writes her name with ease, has impeccable style, and has become
 literally the sweetest little person ever. 
She is incredibly smart. She has this puzzle, where the pieces are all the same 
but the colors are written on them and that's how you match them. 
She does it perfectly every single time. She doesn't read yet but she can do that?!

Time is cruel to us. 
She's just growing up right before our eyes, I don't even realize it and when I do 
there's nothing to do but roll with it.

Maybe this will be another resolution. 
To attempt accept the fact that my baby is growing up and to just embrace it. 
She's growing up to be silly, smart and sweet which a perfect combo for anyone. 
So what am I afraid of?

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