Friday, October 25, 2013

Festive Friday Five

Is it just me or is Halloween creeping?
I am finishing up our costumes and
could not be happier!

I just love Halloween! 
So in honor of Allhallows Eve next week, 
here are a few festive favorites.

Favorite flashback:
This movie scared the shit out of me.

Favorite Group Costume:
I LOVE the Wizard of Oz and if I had another child ,
we would sooo be doing something like this.

Favorite Holiday Drink:
These look so delicious and creepy and like I might die after. 
I like.

Favorite Halloween show:
Duh, American Horror Story. 
Sure, it’s lacking the horror but it is making up with cringe-worthy moments.

Favorite Laugh:
Wait, what?

Hope you all have a fun weekend! 
My mom is running her first HALF MARATHON tomorrow 
and we're so excited for her!

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