Saturday, October 19, 2013

Holy shit. It happened.

I was told I act just like my mom.

What the actual fuck.

 I was always told that I look like my mom but now I act like her?!?
What makes this whole situation worse is the fact my sources provided examples.
Like multiple examples.

I guess it was bound to happen but this soon? 
I thought this would happen when I was thirty.

Maybe it's because I had a child. That always seems to speed up time.
Damn teen parenthood.

I guess it's not too bad.

My mom is kind of funny.

She always is taken for years younger than her actual age.
(same here but it's less cool for me).

She def doesn't take life seriously...anymore.

She can cook, manage a household, and sneak in training for a half marathon.
(which she's running next weekend. Woop).

So if I were to be told I acted like someone I suppose I don't mind it being my mom. ;)

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