Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let it Snow

We had our first snow experience in New York today! 
At first I thought it was raining.
 It was super overcast and dark when we woke up. 
Then Devon went to open the curtains and BAM snow! 
Well, according to Cindy it was only flurries but fluffy, frozen ice from the sky is snow to me. 
I was so excited just to see how Bella would react. 

She enjoyed it at first but then had a diva moment and didn't want the snow on her jacket. 
We ran some errands and when we came back, there was snow everywhere! 
The yard, the car, the porch! 
Devon and Bella started a snowman but she refused to wear mittens so she got cold fast and wanted to go inside. 
So Devon and I finished the snowman and I have some pictures. Hehe

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