Monday, November 19, 2012

Our New Neighbors

We live on the most boring and simple road full of funny and complex people. So here is the breakdown...
1. The Bat Family
No one knows much about them because they never come out. They have been known to mow their lawn at 10pm and the children often swim at 3am. They look like a mixture of Michael Jackson and Russell Brand...or so I have heard. Anyway, no one knows their current age, where they attend school or anything personal.
2. The Portuguese
They are an interesting family. First we have the mother, Maria, elderly. She is the OG Portuguese. She works at a bag warehouse. They make the bags for Macy's, Target, Bath and Body Works, etc. She is currently working 70-80 hrs a week. What? A senior citizen working that hard for that long? Have no fear readers, she is quitting soon to move back to Portugal with her husband. He's going to receive social security both from the US and Portugal. Which means he'll be gettin dough. He just wants to show off to his lowly peasant villagers. UPDATE: yesterday we saw the husband drying his car with a leaf blower...
Next, there is the daughter, Odette, 35. She owns a wholesale clothing place. Not your average wholesale, she sells to the big New York boutiques. Plus, she makes regular trips to Italy to find clothes to sell. NBD. Her son is Johann, the little creeper child. He wears sandals in 46degree weather, watches us play through his kitchen window, and hides behind cars before attempting to play with the kids.
3. Us
I don't know where to begin. An oddly mixed family with multiple families. There's a lot to us but "ain't nobody got time for all dat".

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