Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bella's Christmas outfit

Sooo since I haven't been working and I literally have no friends here, I have been submerging myself in crafts. Some good, some weird, and some nonsense.

I've made banners, clothes, headbands, painted and drew. But the one that I love the most is BELLA'S CHRISTMAS OUTFIT! It's probably because I worked so hard on it. I drew it out, cut the felt and sewed it by hand.

(HINT TO MY FAMILY: A sewing machine is on my wish list)

 I might be somewhat biased but I think it's totally adorable. It's festive, age appropriate and best of all, it was inexpensive. Okay, now, this was my first tutu and tee which meant lots of trial and error learning. Either way, she's still wearing it and I WILL be making more for future holidays.

Omg, I seriously can't wait to take pictures of her in this.

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