Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bella's Christmas List

Bella has been a really good girl this year. Of course she has had a few "terrible two" tantrums but overall, she has been amazing. She became potty trained, learned to recognize her letters, willingly gave hugs and kisses, ate her fruit AND VEGGIES and is very well behaved. Seriously, we hear it all the time. And while we were grateful for all of that at Thanksgiving, it is time to show Bella some appreciation at Christmas.

Yes, she is eating her salad instead of her fries. And yes, she ate majority of my Veggie Delite Subway sandwich. Seriously love this girl.

Since I probably won't be buying Bella anything this year because all of her grandparents have beat me to it, I made an ideal Christmas list for Bella.

Slippers: We have hardwood floors and they ruin her socks in the winter which make these an alternative. BONUS: they look so cute on her!

Play Masks: Aside from the princess and fairy looks, I thought a colorful owl would be a creative option.

Books: She loves having me read to her and sometimes she even likes "reading" to me! A bookworm in training, I LOVE IT!

Baby Doll Accessories: Bella is into anything baby dolls. I mean bottles, carriages, cribs, etc. This is a good toy for her to use her imagination and teach her how to nurture and be kind.

Minnie Mouse Matching Game: While puzzles are a great learning tool, I actually think she's getting bored with them. I figured a memory game would be a good change for her.

Ladybug Backpack: She has been going to her cousin's house a lot and I used to use her diaper bag but since she's getting older, she doesn't need to pack as much anymore. I found this small backpack to work perfectly.

Toy piano: Ever since she started playing the piano at my aunt's house, she can't get enough. This is a good toy to help her recognize sounds and learn how to make music.

Toys: It wouldn't be Christmas without toys so I found this elephant ball toy at ToysRUS. It's adorable and so much fun!

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