Sunday, December 16, 2012

Experiencing an Actual Winter

I've spent my last seven winters in Georgia, so you can understand my reaction when I began to experience my first New York winter. I get teased because, "My blood isn't thick enough." I'M SORRY BUT I'M NOT USED TO THIS TORTURE YOU CALL WEATHER. 

Apparently, we have "Winter Clothes" and "Summer Clothes" where you only have that one season's clothes in your closet and the opposite season's in the attic. In Georgia, it could be 70 degrees one day and 54 degrees the next, so I had to have all of my clothes at convenience. Ugh, this is all so new! 

I made list a few of my favorites that seem to help me enjoy this winter a little bit more. 

Micro fleece Pajamas: Two piece pajamas to be exact. This one is kind of for me. I know everyone loooves footie pajamas in the winter but let's be honest, I have a TWO YEAR OLD. She is learning to hold her bladder and wake up to go potty in the middle of the night. The last thing I want to do is add another inconvenience in the middle of the night. PLOT TWIST: they still keep her warm at night.
Boots: Obviously, we can't go through a winter without wearing boots. I love the ones with fur inside because I know her little feet are warm... and they're super adorbs. With her other boots, I love having her wear long socks that peak over the boots.
Hat: Luckily, Bella is a "hair accessories" baby. She looks beyond cute in hats, bows, and headbands. I adore this festive monkey hat. It's warm, cute and affordable.

Glittery Nail Polish: Let me start by saying something. I love nail polish. After working at a restaurant that wouldn't let me paint my nails, I truly appreciate this small luxury. "Appreciate" meaning I haven't had my nails bare since February. Literally. I have had nail polish on them everyday since then. I wish I could be sorry but I'm not. The holidays are no exception. Sparkly nails are so festive for the holidays and this one from the Kardashian Kollection is perfection.
Candle: If you don't know me, I am a candle person as well. I love having them lit throughout the house. I don't know what it is but there is something about them that is relaxing. I love this scent from Bath and Body Works. They always have incredible scents, like who thinks of all of them? Whoever you are you deserve a cookie. A big cookie. 
Lip Balm: It's not enough that my body gets dry in the cold, my lips get dry as well. I don't mean crispy dry, I mean tight dry. It's annoying and even more unattractive than my body being dry. I love EOS lip balm. It's moisturizes so well and I love the unique egg shape container!
Fluffy Scarf: I love love love scarves. Summer scarves, light scarves, long scarves, infinity scarves but most of all, I love big, fluffy scarves. They keep me warm and they look so good over my coats.

Ugh, Winter really has meaning now. I don't think my mind or body is ready for this. I feel like I might cry. Don't worry. I'll just use my mittens to wipe away my tears before they become salty ice cubes.

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