Monday, December 17, 2012

My Bella Wella

  Isabella is easily the silliest girl I know.
I know the fact that she is two is a major factor but I DON'T CARE.

She's still the sweetest, cutest and best friend I've ever had.

 The little diva didn't want her picture taken but she looked so cute I had to try.
 Plus, I'm mom so I win.
 She found a new hiding spot

 This day she refused to come inside.
She just wanted to stand on a stool and look through the window from outside.
 It's the little things.
Lately, she's been discovering her independence, from brushing her own teeth to dressing herself.
Not necessarily PICK her own clothes, although that does happen.
She's been wanting to put ON her own clothes.

It's both cute and frustrating but like my mom said, "Pick your battles."

I promise that quote goes through my head all day, every day
She's also been into coins.
And don't try to give her a penny, she'll politely ask you for a nickel.
Already asking us for more money than we give her.
I sense a future problem.

And like most children her age, she loooooves to draw/color/paint.
But she takes it to another level.
She will literally sit and paint for hours.
But I'll take a small, creative mess over her lazily watching television any day.

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