Friday, December 7, 2012

Delia's mini haul

It's no secret I love a good deal.
So when I saw Delia's was still having a summer sale, I couldn't resist.
I know what you're thinking, "Summer? Isn't it freezing in New York?"
Yes, it is literally freezing and yes, I am buying swimwear.

When I shop, I buy in opposite seasons.
I was once on summer vacay in Hawaii when I bought a $90 winter jacket for $30!  


It never fails, I want a new swimsuit every summer.
So instead of paying $20-30 for each piece, I waited and I got them for $5.99!
Oh, and I got pieces that would match the ones I already have!
Okay so now, you applause and I bow.

P.S. I also got some shoes for $10 that were normally $30.
And since I had a coupon code SHIPPING WAS FREE.
Gosh, how I love a good bargain.

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