Saturday, March 9, 2013

House of Sickies

Devon feels like he's dying.

His ears, head and throat hurt so much that he called out from work.
If you know my Devon, he NEVER calls out. 

Something funky is going on with my eye. [No pink eye just irritated]
And my throat feels weird.

Thursday night Bella woke up with gunky shit in her eyes. 
Like she couldn't open them.
It was shiny and gooey. 
Pure nastiness.
 Friday morning, Tasha text Devon saying Sophia had pink eye. 
They went to the doc, got prescriptions and everything.
And since Sophia lives here more than her own house and from what I saw Thursday night,
we immediately thought Bella had it too.
But I didn't want to go to the doc just yet so I wanted to try a home remedy. 

We tried eye bright tea and I really think it worked. 

Her eyes cleared up dramatically and when we went to the doc this morning,
she said she didn't have pink eye at all!
 Just sinus fluid draining in her eyes.

But we do have bad news: 
She has ear infections.

Yes, people.


Both ears are infected.


She hasn't been crying or anything! 

No fever. No screaming in pain.
 Just playing like normal. 
So you can see why I was extremely surprised when the doc told me.

Thank goodness we went to the doctor. 
[shout out to Aunt Ila]


 SEE? This is not the face of a child with two ear infections.

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