Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Magical Words

We were looking at apartments today and nothing appealed to us.

Mostly because we have expensive taste...

or at least our taste is expensive here.

Anyways, we saw these apartments that look A LOT like the ones in Kennesaw and I immediately wanted to move in.


1br/1ba was $1300!

Wut zee fook?! WHY?

uhhhh no. Not happening.

Then something happened that lifted spirits.

Devon said, 

"I miss Marietta"


I knew he did.

Maybe not as much as I do but he said it and now it's out there.

He said he wished his job was in Marietta.

So now my new mission is to find a similar job in Marietta so we can move back. haha

Wish me luck.

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