Friday, March 15, 2013

The 'What If" Game

I normally play this game by myself. It's usually at night, in bed, when I can't sleep. 
This is how it goes, I ask myself the questions then answer by picturing a new life. 
Go ahead and laugh because it is funny.
Today, I'm putting it out there. The crazy shit that goes through my head. 
My odd late night thoughts. 
The things I can't tell ask anyone in person 
1. because no one will sit and listen
2. They will judge
  3. I don't want to pay a therapist
See? I really only have this as my option. 
Lucky you.

WHAT IF I went to college?

WHAT IF I didn't have Bella?

WHAT IF I had big boobs?

WHAT IF I had a boy instead of a girl?

WHAT IF I was a boy instead of a girl?

WHAT IF I was taller?

WHAT IF I got braces?

WHAT IF I never cut my hair?

WHAT IF I had a black boyfriend?

WHAT IF I had an Asian boyfriend?

WHAT IF I was so wealthy I had a private jet?

WHAT IF I never left Mississippi?

WHAT IF my parents stayed in the military?

WHAT IF my mom never got remarried?

 WHAT IF I won the lottery?

WHAT IF I actually liked animals?

WHAT IF my hair was straight?

There's more but my daughter wants breakfast.

I don't play this game too often because I always lose. 

But sometimes it's fun to think about.

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