Friday, March 15, 2013

Working Girl?

I've been looking for a job since we moved to NY but I have some serious limitations. 

1. Devon's job
 1a. his sched is unpredictable. Sometimes he gets out at 2pm or 7 pm. Therefore if I did work nights, it would have to be late late nights. NO NO

I could work during the day but...

2. Bella
 2a. I would have to pay for someone to watch her. [BYE BYE check.]
 2b. I would need to bring her.

3. I don't have a car
 3a. I would have to drop Devon off and pick him up
 3b. No reliable means of transportation

Now you see my struggle. But then I got an email about a weekly baby sitting job. 

It's pretty perfect.

She works from home. A+

She lives less than 15 minutes away. A+

I would mainly be watching the 7 month old A+

I would be getting paid weekly A+

I can bring Bella A+

The fact that I might have to bring Bella B+

I only work two days a week A++

Getting paid the same amount from when I was working 5 days A++

She's trying to open a day care center in September and wants me A+

See? This is exactly what I needed.

I have a meet up aka interview on Sunday sooo Mrs. Summers and Mrs. Boyle get ready for a reference phone call.

Thanks in advance. haha.

I really really hope this all works out.

It seems too good to be true but let's pray to the Lord above that it goes well.

Cross your fingers.

Say prayers.

Look for a four leaf clover.
Do a crazy good luck dance.

Because we all know ya girl needs this. 

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