Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Babble: Pasta sauce + insurance + wings

My day consisted of the strangest components.

Is it just me or does your toddler choose to eat weird shit? And like it.
Today at lunch, Bella asked if she could have frozen peas. As in she wanted to eat them frozen.
Later, she started eating what was left of the pasta sauce. Tilted the jar up and was like...slurping it.
I had another jar and just gave her bowl. #judgeme 

But wait, before you do, the packaging said there was two servings of veggies per cup...
or something like that so I figured, she's getting her veggies.

Then, at work, I felt like a legit adult. Talking about life insurance and shit.
I am officially paying for my own dental insurance.
And life. And accidental. And preventative stuff. 
Way cool and way scary. I have to say that the company that employs me is AWESOME. 
They offer insane benefits even for PT people like me! 
Hook. Me. Up.

Tonight the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired. 
Totes missed seeing Miranda this year!
It's the pinnacle of winter other than Christmas...or at least mine.
 I love the show for many reasons. 
The stunning women, obvi.
Is it just me or have the VS models gotten skinnier since the HeidiTyra days?
 Eh, whatever, they're still fierce. 
What I love most is seeing what new creations the designers make! 
Like Behati said, "I can't believe they still have ideas." 

And I love love love the performances. Minus Bieber 2012...that was weird.
This is my all time favorite VSFS performance. 

 It's been in my head since I first saw it in 2006. JT is and will always be the shit.

  Speaking of VS models...have you seen the most glamorous working mother ever? 
You have now.

If only every woman had it like that.

So that's an update on my week..and it's only Tuesday.

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